Seceda Mountain in the Italian Dolomites

Experience the Breathtaking Beauty of Seceda in the Italian Dolomites Val Gardena



Nestled high in the rugged cliffs of the Italian Dolomites is a special place that offers stunning views and adventure. Seceda mountain is a breathtaking spot in the UNESCO World Heritage Site Dolomites, located in Val Gardena. It sits at an elevation of over 8,000 feet, and you can easily reach it by taking the gondola from the lovely town of Ortisei.

Once there, you can choose from various hikes with different levels of difficulty along the famous Seceda ridgeline. Even if you prefer a more relaxed walk, you can still enjoy fantastic mountain views around the upper cable car station. 

Whether you’re an enthusiastic hiker or just seeking a simple mountain getaway, Seceda has something for everyone. In this guide, I’ll provide you with all the information you need to plan your visit, from the best times to go to how to get there and back. We’ll discuss different ways to reach the summit of Seceda, describe what you can expect at the top, and share helpful tips for an amazing adventure. Keep reading to explore this incredible destination in the Italian Dolomites.

Seceda in the Dolomites

Seceda Dolomites: Understanding its Unique Location

Seceda is located in the heart of the Dolomites mountain range in northeastern Italy. More specifically, it is situated in Val Gardena in the province of South Tyrol, which is part of the Italian region Trentino South Tyrol. Val Gardena is nestled within the Dolomites’ Sella mountain group, surrounded by famous peaks like Sassolungo and Langkofel. 

Seceda itself lies within the northern part of the Gardena Pass, right below the impressive vertical walls of the Odle/Geisler mountain group. The group is surrounded by Val Gardena (Gardena Valley) to the South and Val Di Funes (Funes Valley) to the North. The Odle peaks are considered some of the most spectacular mountains in the Dolomites, known for their towering limestone pinnacles and steep walls. Seceda provides a front-row view of these breathtaking Odle mountains.

So in summary, Seceda is located in Val Gardena in the South Tyrol region of Italy, right in the center of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Dolomites. Hence it’s often referred to as Seceda Val Gardena. Its position below the cliffs of the Odle Group makes it a prime location to take in these iconic jagged Dolomites peaks.

Who’s Seceda for?

With its breathtaking cliff-top location and accessible cable car, Seceda appeals to a wide variety of visitors. From families to hikers, many can appreciate this unique Dolomites destination.

Seceda with Kids

Seceda is one of those activities that everyone can enjoy, thus a great option for families visiting the Dolomites with kids. The cable car ride up, split into two parts, is exciting for children and not too long at around 15 minutes. At the top, there is a family-friendly restaurant with a playground outside that kids enjoy. The area is also relatively flat and easy for little legs to explore. 

If you plan to hike up or down, you’ll probably need to carry them as it’s quite steep. However, if you don’t, you have plenty of space, relatively flat-leveled, to walk around and take in the views. There are even benches you can sit on.

PS: Just be aware of 2 things:

1. You’ll want to keep small kids next to you, even better if you can tie them to you, or keep them in a pushchair, in case they run away towards the drop when you are not looking. Older kids will be fine.

2. If you plan on having a picnic, be prepared to share your food with the demanding birds. They like to come and steal it. Just bring some extra bread, so you can feed them while you eat yourself.

Seceda for Those with Limited Mobility

The cable cars make Seceda accessible for those who cannot do strenuous hikes, as well as those who can’t walk. At the top, the terrain is fairly flat and smooth, allowing people with limited mobility to still take in the breathtaking scenery via lightly pebbled walkways. The restaurant at the top also has wheelchair access but you’ll need someone to push you up to access it.

However, that shouldn’t be an issue, as you can bring a packed lunch and enjoy it while watching that amazing view. Plus, you can use the bathrooms right when you come off the cable car, at ground level.

Seceda for Skiers

Seceda has its own 25km ski area that is great for all ages and ability levels. There are gentle slopes perfect for kids and slower skiers, and more fun ones for the expert skiers. 

Some paths take you all the way down to Santa Christina, from 2500 m up to 1500 m, and Ortisei – which is located lower than S. Christina, at 1200 m. Imagine the wonderland white panorama you will be admiring on your way down, with views of the Dolomites and the other South Tyrolean peaks.

Seceda for Hikers

Seceda is a hiking haven, with numerous trails of varying difficulty branching out from the top cable car station. Hikers can pick routes based on their ability and time availability. There are both short, easy hikes and more demanding full-day treks. You can choose to go up for even better views, or down to explore the valleys.

Easy Hikes  

If you are looking for a flat-leveled hike, there aren’t many on Seceda. This is to be expected due to the elevation. However, the walk to the viewpoint and along the ridgeline is suitable for casual hikers. Just watch where you go, wear comfortable shoes – better yet hiking boots, and be mindful of the drops on both sides. It’s not scary and there’s plenty of space. With the right equipment and gear – mainly hiking shoes and trekking poles, you can also adventure down, for an easier yet breathtaking hike.

More Advanced Hikes

Seceda also offers some more strenuous hiking options for experienced hikers that lead to other rifugios and alpine huts in the area. Popular options include the hiking trails to Rifugio Firenze and Forcella Pana.

Seceda in the Fall
Seceda in Fall – early October 2023

Best Time to Visit Seceda & the Dolomites

Seceda in Fall 

Fall is a beautiful time to visit Seceda to see the changing fall foliage against the Dolomite’s peaks. The cable car is open from mid-June through early October, so fall is a prime season. September and October are ideal months with comfortable weather and smaller crowds. Late fall also provides vibrant colors on the surrounding larch trees, but you’ll have to hike up if the cable car stations are closed.

PS: If you plan to visit in late of October, check before you go, as the cable cars might stay open longer if the weather is as nice as it was this year – 2023. They opened a month later but stayed open up till November.

Seceda in Winter

Seceda transforms into a winter wonderland during the ski season from December through early April. The cable cars operate regularly from December to take advantage of the scenic slopes. Even non-skiers can ride the cable car up to enjoy Seceda’s snowy peaks. 

Seceda in Spring 

Spring is perhaps Seceda’s quietest season. The cable car is closed in April as the snow melts, reopening in May once the terrain is clear. Late spring features wildflowers blooming across the mountainsides.

Seceda in Summer

Summer is Seceda’s most popular season when the cable car operates daily from late June through mid October. Warm sunny days make it perfect for hiking and admiring the iconic Dolomites scenery. Just be prepared for larger crowds.

Based on the Cable Car Opening Times

The Seceda cable car operates seasonally:

Usually the cable car is closed for a few weeks in April/May as well as October/November. Other than that, it runs daily during the peak summer and winter seasons.

Knowing the exact cable car schedule is helpful when planning your Seceda visit. You can time your trip for when the lifts are open to easily access the top.

PS: This year – 2023 – due to the changing weather conditions, the cable car opened from the 27th of June till the 5th of November for its Summer Season; will close for a month between November and early December; and will open from the 5th December to 7th April for its Winter Season.

So I suggest checking for any schedule changes, both before you book your trip and before you go.

Best Time of Day to Visit

In the summer, the best time for photographs is around 11 a.m. when the sun lights up the ridges and valley in full color. For misty morning shots, sunrise is ideal. Sunsets also provide a beautiful pink Alpenglow across the peaks.

How to Get to Seceda from Different Locations

There are only two starting points to access Seceda – the towns of Ortisei and Santa Cristina in Val Gardena. From either of these towns, you can take one of the cable cars up to Seceda or start your hike in the Dolomites.

The options to reach Seceda are:

  1. Furnes-Seceda Cable Car from Ortisei
  2. Col Raiser Cable Car from Santa Cristina +chairlift or hike
  3. Fermeda Chair Lift from Col Raiser Cable Car Station to Seceda (when open)
  4. Hiking from Ortisei to Seceda (longer and more difficult)
  5. Hiking from Santa Cristina to Seceda (shorter and medium difficulty)
  6. Hiking from Col Raiser to Seceda (the shortest)
  7. Hiking from Resciesa Gondola Station to Seceda (very long and difficult)

So no matter your location, you’ll need to reach either Ortisei or Santa Cristina, by car or bus. Here are the directions to these towns from various starting points.

From Bolzano to Seceda

Bolzano to Ortisei + Cable Car from Ortisei to Seceda

By Car 

Take highway SS12 east from Bolzano towards Bressanone. After approximately 40km, turn right onto SS242 which leads through Val Gardena to Ortisei. The drive takes around 1 hour. Park in Ortisei and take the Seceda cable car up from there.

By Bus 

Regional buses run frequently between Bolzano and Ortisei, with a travel time of around 50 minutes. The best option is to take the 350 bus towards Val Gardena from the main bus station in Bolzano. This is located just before the cable car to Upper Bolzano, in Via Renon. 

Make sure you download the bus schedule so you can understand which bus stop you need to stop at. You can download it here. When going from Bolzano to Ortisei, you have to look at page 2 of that schedule, in the direction of Val Gardena. Whereas, for the return, refer to page 1.

Stop in Ortisei, Piazza San Antonio which on that schedule reads St. Ulrich, Antoniusplatz (don’t worry about ab and an, there’s only one stop).

To go back to Bolzano, you can catch the bus from the same bus stop. Just make sure to check the direction is correct before boarding the bus, or simply ask the driver whether it’s headed to Bolzano.

From Bolzano to Santa Cristina

By Car 

Follow SS12 east to SS242 into Val Gardena. Drive past Ortisei and continue along SS242 for a further 15 minutes until you reach Santa Cristina.

By Bus 

Ride the bus from Bolzano to Ortisei as above. Instead of stopping at the Ortisei bus stop, in Piazza Sant Antonio, stay on the bus and stop at Santa Cristina. To explore the city stop at the first Santa Cristina stop on the schedule. The second one is better if you want to go directly to the Col Raiser cable car station.

From Ponte Gardena to Ortisei and Santa Cristina

By Car to Santa Cristina

By Car to Ortisei

By Bus

You can ride the same bus, number 350, coming from Bolzano to get to Ortisei. First, you must get to the bus station. The bus stop is called  Waidbruck, Bahnhof ab  on the same bus schedule I shared earlier. Stop at St. Ulrich, Antoniusplatz for Ortisei, or St. Christina, Rathaus for Santa Cristina.

If you are not in Trentino yet, here’s how to get to Ortisei from nearby cities:

From Venice to Ortisei

By Car

Take A27 from Venice to Belluno, then SS51, SS48, and SS242 via Brunico and Val Gardena to reach Ortisei. Drive time is around 4 hours.

By Train

Travel by train from Venice to Bolzano (nearly 3 hours). Transfer to the bus from Bolzano to Ortisei as explained above (under 1 hour).

Milan to Ortisei

By Car:

Start by driving from Milan to the city of Bolzano (Bozen in German), which is the nearest major city to Ortisei.

Once you’re in Bolzano, follow the signs to Ortisei. You can take the SS12 road or follow local road signs, which will lead you to Ortisei in the Val Gardena region.

By Train:

Innsbruck to Ortisei

By Car:

By Train:

Seceda entry to escalators from Ortisei
Access to Seceda escalators

Seceda Cable Car: All You Need to Know 

Taking the cable car is the easiest way to reach the top of Seceda without hiking. Below, you’ll find all the information you need about Seceda’s main Cable Car in Ortisei.

Where is the Funivie Seceda Spa?

The lower station of the Seceda cable car is located in the village of Ortisei in Val Gardena. The upper station lies at the top of Seceda.

Seceda Cable Car Opening Times

The Seceda cable car operates seasonally:

– Winter: Early December to Early April from 8:30 am – 4:30 pm

– Summer: Late May to Mid October from 8:30 am – 5:30 pm 

The cable car runs daily during these peak seasons.

Seceda Lift is Split in 2 Parts 

The Seceda cable system is a two-stage lift:

– Stage 1: Cabinovia Ortisei-Furnes gondola from Ortisei to Furnes

– Stage 2: Funivia Furnes-Seceda cable car from Furnes to Seceda

You take both stages with the same ticket for a seamless ride to the top.

Seceda Cable Car Price & Tickets

– One-way ticket: €30 per person (€15.50 for a child) 

– Roundtrip ticket: €39.50 (€21 for a child)

One ticket covers both cable car stages for a complete up-and-down ride.

Other Seceda Cable Cars

While no other lifts go directly to the Seceda summit, there are two alternatives:

– Col Raiser Gondola from Santa Cristina goes to Mastlé-Alm at 2200m. Hiking is still required to reach Seceda.

– Resciesa Funicular from Ortisei goes to Alpe Resciesa at just over 2000m. Hiking still required.

Seceda Day Hike Without Cable Car

If you don’t want to pay for the table car, the only way up is to hike. The following section will explain all the options.

Hiking Seceda – all the options

For those wanting a more active way to reach Seceda’s panoramic views, hiking is a rewarding option. There are several possible trails of varying difficulty:

  1. Hiking from Ortisei to Seceda (5 hrs, difficult)
  2. Hiking from Santa Cristina to Seceda (shorter and medium difficulty)
  3. Hiking from Col Raiser to Seceda (1.5 hrs, medium difficulty)
  4. Hiking from Resciesa Gondola Station to Seceda (very long and difficult)

Hiking from Ortisei to Seceda

Starting Point: Park your car at Col de Flam, along the road that leads from Ortisei to S. Giacomo.

  1. Begin the hike on the steep trail marked as “n° 6” in the direction of “dlieja da Sacun,” the picturesque church of San Giacomo. If the church is open (usually in the mornings during the summer months), it’s worth a visit. If it’s closed, the idyllic setting and spectacular view of Sassolungo are worth a stop.
  2. Continue “n° 6” until you reach the “Balest” viewpoint, which offers a beautiful panoramic view. From there, take “n° 6A” which ascends towards Seceda.
  3. As you pass the tree line, you’re getting close to your next stop, Baita Corona. The hut is surrounded by lush pastures and offers enchanting views of the Dolomites that encircle Val Gardena. Take a refreshing break here before continuing your way up to Seceda. There’s another hour’s hike to reach the Seceda ridgeline.

Duration around 5 hours

Santa Cristina to Seceda without Cable Car

To get from Praplan parking to the Seceda ridgeline, follow these steps:

  1. Start your journey at the Praplan-Cristauta parking lot in Santa Cristina, Val Gardena.
  2. Hike along trail number 4, which leads to Col Raiser. This part of the trail takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes.
  3. Continue on trail number 1A towards Baita Troier, which offers stunning views of the Odle and Seceda. This segment takes approximately 40 minutes.
  4. After reaching Baita Troier at an altitude of 2,250 meters, follow trail number 1 to reach the summit of Mount Seceda at an elevation of 2,519 meters. This final part of the hike takes around 30 minutes.
  5. Enjoy the panoramic views from the Seceda ridgeline, featuring the Odle and many other Dolomite peaks.

Duration: about 3 hours

Hiking from the top of Col Raiser Cable Car to Seceda (after taking the cable car)

  1. Begin at the arrival area of the Col Raiser cable car, departing from Santa Cristina di Val Gardena and reaching an altitude of 2107 meters. Admire the view and take trail number 2.
  2. At the first path fork, follow signs for Malga Daniel, taking trail number 1A and ascending about 100 meters.
  3. Continue your hike through Malga Daniel, then Malga Mastlé, and proceed to Malga Sofie by following trail number 6.
  4. After approximately 1.5 hours from the start, you’ll reach the most panoramic point of the excursion at an altitude of 2500 meters. Enjoy your hike and the breathtaking views!

Duration: 1.5 hrs

Hike from Resciesa Cable Car Exit to Seceda

To get from the Resciesa Funicular to Seceda, follow these steps:

  1. Start at the parking area near Resciesa Funicular.
  2. Take the funicular to the mountain station.
  3. Hike to Rifugio Brogles (1 hr 20 min). This is an ideal snack and refreshing stop.
  4. Continue to Forcella de Mesdi (2 hr 20 min) on Trail 35 along the Adolf Munkel Trail.
  5. Descend along Trail 29, following a zigzag path.
  6. Turn right towards Pieralongia and Seceda on Path 1. There is a rustic managed hut at Pieralongia for a possible lunch stop.
  7. Cross meadows and reach Forcella Pana, followed by a 15-minute hike to Seceda. Enjoy the view!

For a complete guide to hiking this trail, I suggest you check out this article, written by experienced hikers.

Best Things to Do on Seceda

Whichever way you choose to get there, once you arrive at Seceda, there are ample activities to enjoy during your visit:

  1. Admire the view you just ascended upon exiting the cable car station.
  2. Head towards the Seceda viewpoint for panoramic vistas of the surrounding peaks and valleys.
  3. Admire Mount Seceda and its imposing rocky summit.
  4. Take a breathtaking walk along the iconic Seceda ridgeline, which refers to the narrow, knife-edge-like connecting trail along the mountain peaks.
  5. Go on the Seceda Col Raiser hike by following the ridgeline path left from the cable car station. At the fork, loop back to Seceda or continue to Col Raiser.
  6. Choose from these other Seceda hikes, all scenic I promise.
  • Baita Curona – 33 mins
  • Baita Trajer – 37 mins
  • Rifugio Fermeda (restaurant + hotel) – 42 mins
  • Pieralongia – over an hour
  • Rifugio Firenze – 1.5 hours
  • Rifugio Malga Brogles – over 4 hours
  • Forcella Pana – 5 hours
  1. Enjoy a tasty meal at a Seceda restaurant, like at Baita Sofie Hutte, or other nearby rifugios.
  2. Stay late and watch the Aplenglow sunset where the mountains radiate pink hues.
  3. Spend the night at a Seceda Hotel. The only option I know of is Rifugio Fermeda, which is open during the Summer and Winter seasons, following the cable car schedule. 
  4. If you choose to spend the night, take the opportunity to stargaze and enjoy Seceda at sunrise. It’s only a 42-minute hike from the top to the Rifugio.
  5. Hike down to Ortisei on marked trails for a different perspective.

What to Do After Visiting Seceda

After soaking in Seceda’s scenery, consider these ideas to round out your day:

My Seceda Experience

Getting to Ortisei

I had been looking forward to this day as it has been a while since I have gone up on a mountain, or ridden a cable car. I was a little worried both because the weather was looking colder than I had initially envisaged, as well as because this was probably the highest height I had been to before.

After postponing the trip to Seceda by one day, due to a rainy weather forecast, we set the alarm early, got ready, and walked to the Bolzano bus station.

We went to area C, where the number 350 is listed, and waited there for the bus to arrive. We confirmed with the driver that it was indeed going to Ortisei, and hopped on. To our surprise, there was no machine to validate our Bolzano card, though after asking the driver, he said not to worry about it.

PS: We were lucky no one came to check out tickets or passes. And I believe because the pass is free anyway, nothing would have happened if someone had come to check. However, I do suggest stopping by the bus station office – the yellow building at the beginning of the bus station and asking there. They might have a way of validating them in their office since I was told one must always validate them, whether you get the bus or the train.

We kept an eye on the list of bus stops and the monitor which was showing every stop. And when it was our time we disembarked the bus, with many other people – all planning to visit Ortisei, and possibly Seceda.

ortisei town

Exploring Ortisei

We spent a couple of hours exploring the town, having breakfast, and taking a walk up towards Seceda cable car for great views of Ortisei from the top and the surrounding area.

Honestly, that time was among my favorite of the entire trip.

getting on the second cable from Furnes to Seceda

Riding the Cable Cars to Seceda

At around 1 p.m., we headed towards the cable car, via the very handy escalators that save you from having to go up the hill to reach the Seceda cable car station. In no time, we purchased our tickets – no queue at all (keep in mind we went during the first week of October), and we started our way up.

First, we took this funny-looking – a little old and shaky, but safe cable car – from Ortisei to Val Furnes. This part of the ride took the most time because the cable car was quite slow. I enjoyed the fact that we were on our own inside it. The views were spectacular and the sun was shining over the beautiful valley.

As soon as we exited that cable car, there was the option to go immediately up on the second ride that would take us to Seceda. But we took a few minutes break to admire the view from there. The view and nature, with all the stunning trees, are just breathtaking. Imagine when we get to the top, we were thinking.

Going on the second part of the cable car ride was a different experience. The cable car was more modern and larger, meaning that it could hold many more passengers. While it was packed, I managed to cut myself a corner so I could take beautiful pictures and a few videos.

Arriving at Seceda

Once we arrived at the top, after just a 5-minute ride I’d say because of how fast it is, we took the time to appreciate the viewpoint located just when you exit the cable car. From that side you can see where you came from, and that’s unbelievable in itself.

Soon after, we walked towards the actual Seceda viewpoint – the reason everyone goes to Seceda. My first impressions were these: I thought it would be much larger and greener. But that thought is simply because I saw the videos of people hiking up and down to the meadows and pastures. It still reminded me of Heidi, one of my favorite childhood cartoons, and I felt almost teary because the idea of traveling again – in particular to the Dolomites, kept me sane during Covid. And finally, there I was. 

I must not forget to mention the wonderful weather. I packed a fleece to wear over my sweater and under my jacket, a tick scarf, and even a pair of wool gloves, because the temperature was supposed to be below 10 degrees, and I can’t stand the cold, really though – I have primary Raynaud’s. Yet the weather was so warm, for a mountain top, that my light cotton sweater and rain jacket were enough. The sun was shining, and you could feel the breezy cool mountain air, while the sun heated our bones – refreshing yet cozy, almost like a hug from the mountains.

What we did on Seceda

We spent about an hour there, walking in the small area just outside the cable car station, sitting on one of the benches in front of the viewpoint, and just taking in the incredible views. When you come from an island, and mostly visit cities, you tend to forget there’s a whole mountain world out there. It’s something else, and although I can’t see myself living on a mountain, I do want to spend more time in places like this one.

If you are wondering, we opted not to take any hikes because we are not experienced hikers, and the incline of the paths – both going up and down was much steeper than we had imagined. We were not wearing hiking boots, which I highly recommend if you plan to walk a lot on Seceda. Plus, my feet were hurting from all the walking we had done the week before. 

Even though we just spent an hour on Seceda, the whole experience was so much worth it. It’s one I will never forget and I want to repeat. So for any people out there who can’t hike, have limited mobility, or don’t have much time, here’s my 2 cents – don’t miss this experience. You can do it, and you will love it.

Ending our Ortisei and Seceda day

After heading down with both cable cars, we spent another hour in Ortisei. We stopped by a bakery and bought a few butter biscuits; by now you probably know I have a real thing for these. And then we took bus 350 back to Bolzano. What a wonderful day that was.

Final Thoughts on Seceda Mountain Spot

Seceda offers an easy way to enjoy the magic of the Dolomites. Perched on a cliff, it provides stunning views of the jagged mountain peaks. You can reach Seceda quickly by taking a cable car, making it accessible to almost everyone. Hikers will find a variety of trails suitable for different skill levels, and there are Alpine huts and restaurants along the way for a convenient stop.

Whether you have just an hour or a full day, Seceda ensures an unforgettable Dolomites experience. Get ready to be amazed by the majestic beauty that surrounds you in this breathtaking location. Plan your trip to the Dolomites and make sure to include this unmissable destination.

Frequently Asked Questions about Seceda in the Dolomites

General Questions

Where is Seceda located?

Seceda is located in the Val Gardena region of the Italian Dolomites mountains in northeastern Italy. It sits in the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Dolomites.

How do I get to Seceda?

The easiest way to access Seceda is via the cable car system from the town of Ortisei. You can also hike up to Seceda from Ortisei or Santa Cristina.

What time does Seceda open?

The Seceda cable car runs from around 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. daily in peak summer and winter seasons. The cable car provides the only access unless hiking.

Can I reach Seceda without hiking?

Yes, you can reach Seceda’s summit without any strenuous hiking by taking the cable car system from Ortisei up.

Where can I take my cable car to Seceda?

The Seceda cable car departs from the village of Ortisei in Val Gardena. This is the only cable car that goes directly to the top of Seceda.

How much is the cable car to Seceda?

A roundtrip cable car ticket costs around €39.50 for adults and €21 for children (2023 pricing).

How long does it take to visit Seceda?

Most visitors spend 1-5 hours exploring Seceda. Those who hike can spend a full day or longer. At a minimum, plan to enjoy the viewpoints for an hour.

Is there food available at Seceda?

Yes, the Rifugio at the top has a restaurant and there are also restaurants at some of the other mountain huts.

What is the best time to visit Seceda?

The peak summer, early fall and winter seasons are ideal. During November and April the cable car is closed.

What is the best time of day to visit Seceda?

Mid-day is best for the sun on the ridges. Sunrise or sunset for stunning light on the peaks.

Is visiting Seceda dangerous?

The trails and viewing platforms are safe if you exercise caution. Follow warning signs and avoid edges if you fear heights. The cable car is not considered dangerous.

Hiking Questions

How long does it take to hike Seceda?

The hike duration depends on the starting point. From Ortisei, plan 5+ hours. From Santa Cristina, around 3 hours.

Can you hike Seceda without a cable car?

Yes, you can hike up to Seceda from Ortisei or Santa Cristina without taking the cable car. Several marked trails lead up to Seceda.

Can you drive to Seceda Italy?

No, there is no road access to Seceda itself. You have to hike or take the cable car from the town of Ortisei in Val Gardena.

Which hike is best in Seceda?

The Seceda to Col Raiser loop is a breathtaking but achievable hike of around 3.5 hours round trip. Experienced hikers can trek Seceda to Rifugio Firenze.

Other Questions

What is the best time of day to photograph Seceda?

The best light and shadows on the ridges are mid-morning and mid-afternoon. Sunrise and sunset also produce spectacular alpenglow on the peaks.

What is the closest town to Seceda?

The charming village of Ortisei, located in Val Gardena, is the closest town and base for visiting Seceda.

How to get from Venice to Seceda?

Reaching Seceda from Venice takes around 4 hours driving or you can take the train from Venice to Bolzano and then the bus to Ortisei.

Is Seceda cable car open in October?

Yes, the Seceda cable car is open daily till mid October from around 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. as weather permits.

How high is Seceda?

Seceda sits at an elevation of around 2,518 meters or 8,261 feet above sea level. If you take the Seceda cableway from Ortisei (elevation 1200) to Seceda mountain station, you will experience an elevation gain of 1300 meters.

What to expect when visiting Seceda?

Expect incredible panoramic views across the jagged Dolomites peaks and valleys from Seceda’s clifftop perch accessible via cable car or scenic hike.

How do you get to Dolomites Italy?

The Dolomites are located in northeastern Italy. Major airports include Venice, Treviso, Verona, Innsbruck, and Milan. Rental cars or buses provide access to the Dolomites from these transit hubs.

Can you mountain bike on Seceda?

Yes, you can mountain bike on Seceda. There’s a popular route that involves taking the funicular to Seceda and cycling down to Ortisei.

Can I camp on Seceda?

If you dream to stay in the Dolomites a little longer, just be aware that camping is not allowed on Seceda and much of the Dolomites. It’s referred as wild camping and can get you a fine of up to €500.

What’s the best time to hike Seceda?

October is a great time to visit Seceda, both by cable car and by foot. That’s because the weather is still warm, not too hot but certainly not cold, and it rarely rains or snows.

Can I go up Seceda for sunrise?

If you plan to go by cable car, then you won’t make it in time for sunrise, as the station opens at 8.30. Your best option is to spend the night at a Rifugio, and then hike up to Seceda early in the morning.

What’s the best Seceda hike?

That depends on whether you want a short easy hike or a long and more difficult one. You can also opt to hike up Seceda, or hike down. In my opinion, hiking down is much more pleasant and you get to experience the valleys from up close.

How long is the Seceda to Pieralongia hike?

For experienced hikers, that trail takes about 3 hours.

Can you reach Seceda from Selva in Val Gardena?

Yes, you can. It only takes a 20 minutes car ride or an hour bus ride.

Is it best to reach Seceda via Ortisei or Santa Cristina?

If you don’t want to hike, then your only option is to get to Ortisei, and from there you can take the cable car all the way up to Seceda mountain. 

How long does it take in total to reach the Seceda peaks by cable car?

The total time for both rides is just under 20 minutes, provided you take the second ride right after your first cable car.

Alessia Spampinato