My Rome Outfits for Spring
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What I Wore In Rome Last April: 7 Rome Outfits With Details



Are you going to Rome soon and need some inspiration for planning your Rome outfits?

If you love fashion, you likely find planning your outfits for your travels as exciting as planning the itinerary, if not more.

No matter how exciting this is, it’s still a little confusing, especially around this time of the year when the weather is transitioning between seasons, and it can get very chilly and hot all on the same day.

Since I have experienced these changes myself, I feel equipped to help you figure out the best way to pack and dress for your time in the Italian capital.

In this post, I am sharing the outfits I wore, along with packing tips. I will also be answering the most common questions about Rome’s dress code.

My Rome Outfits For Spring

You’ll notice how all my Rome outfits are very comfortable and relatively casual. However, each of them has an element of structure and little details to make it look put together and like I put some effort into planning it.

You’ll also notice how I am wearing the same pair of trainers every day. I brought two white trainers but I wore the same because it was new and surprisingly very comfortable. Plus, it was wipeable while the other it’s in fabric, which makes it get dirty super easily. Dirty white shoes are a no no for me, and many other Italians.

Packing Tip 1: Pack a wipeable white trainers so you can keep it looking clean and bright all the time. That makes your outfit nicer, and it’s something Italians care about.

I tried to smarten my outfits by adding little pearl or crystal earrings and a nice pearl and crystal necklace. However, I noticed the latter got a lot of attention, so I was a little hesitant to wear it.

Day 1 Outfit

For my first day in Rome, I wore a very comfortable outfit but one that still felt like it had some structure. Let me explain.

The fabrics were all nice and soft, other than the denim jacket. The white knit was breathable and perfect to deter the sun from my fair face.

The combination of the cigarette tailored trousers and the nice fitting denim jacket elevated this simple everyday look.

Outfit details:
Trousers from Zara
Denim jacket from Levis
White knit from United Colors of Benetton
Levis Trainers
Longchamp bag

If you are curious, or need help planning your time in Rome, you can see what we did in Rome on each of these days in my 5 Day Rome Itinerary.

Day 2 Outfit

On day 2 I had to switch up the outfits I had planned for Sunday because Rome was experiencing a sudden heatwave (in April!).

Rather than wearing a more put together outfit, I had to opt for the most casual look of the trip. I initially had reserved this for our day by the sea in Gaeta.

I wore a pair of straight jeans, a black cotton short sleeved tshirt, and a casual navy blue jacket – which looks like a raincoat but it’s not waterproof.

The only element of structure in this outfit comes from the jacket which is cinched in at the waist, so you can see my hourglass shape from behind. However, I must say this outfit was too casual for me.

I also added in the earrings and necklace to slightly elevate the look.

I felt very comfortable in it but it wasn’t my favorite outfit.

Outfit details
Zara jeans
Mango tshirt
Shein jacket
Levis trainers
Longchamp bag

Day 3 Outfit

Like Sunday, I also had to switch up my Monday outfit because it was too hot to wear a blazer. Luckily my packing allowed me to do so without issues, and the similar color palette I chose for this trip definitely helped. You can see, I chose to wear a lot of blacks, whites, and blues.

Packing Tip 2: pack items within a similar color palette, so that you can swap outfit pieces, should you need too. The weather can get crazy in Rome this time of the year.

Monday was our relaxing day. We had a slow morning at Rinascente shopping mall, and then we explored Trastevere in the afternoon.

On this day I wore my new black Levis jeans, and I paired them with a Benetton light navy knit. The accessories were the same as the previous day, including the shoes and bag. 

I did bring a smaller leather bag but I found the larger one more comfortable to carry all I needed for a day of sightseeing.

Packing Tip 3: Unless you are staying in a very central location, and plan to go back to your accommodation to change before dinner, I suggest you pack a larger enough bag to carry all the essentials with you.

A smaller bag might be nice for the evenings, but won’t be practical!

Outfit details
Levis black jeans
Benetton navy pullover
Levis trainers
Longchamp bag

Day 4 Outfit

Tuesday was our fourth day in Rome. The weather started settling and the temperatures dropped a little.

I wore a similar outfit as that on day one, but I switched up the white knit for a white shirt.

Again, this was not an outfit I had planned, but I don’t like re-wearing clothes, especially tops. So once I changed two outfits, it spiraled to the other days.

I did like this outfit though. I liked the classic color and fabric combination, and I liked the look of the shirt with and without the jacket. It was also comfortable for a long day of uphill walking in Gaeta.

Outfit details

Black Zara trousers
Shein white button shirt
Denim jacket from Levis
Levis Trainers
Longchamp bag

Day 5 Outfit

Wednesday’s outfit was one of my planned outfits with the only difference that I changed the lower layer. I was meant to wear the navy knit I wore on Monday but I chose to wear a black blouse.

I liked how the outfit felt a little Italian with the blazer and denim combo, and a little French with my Paris silk scarf tied around my neck.

My hair didn’t do the outfit any justice but since I burnt my scalp I didn’t bother doing much with it, other than washing it. So let’s ignore it.

Outfit details
Levis jeans and shoes
Jigsaw blazer (British designer brand I got in Edinburgh)
Mango black blouse
Longchamp bag

Day 6 Outfit

My last day outfit was not exactly as I had planned it but it ended up being my favorite one.

I liked the structure of both the tailored trousers and blazer. And I loved the dark color combination with the pop of the trending powder blue tshirt.

Outfit details
Zara black trousers
Jigsaw blazer (British designer brand)
Benetton blue tshirt
Longchamp bag
Levis trainers

Travel Outfits

While my travel outfits were very comfortable, I liked them a lot, so I thought I would share them in case you don’t know what to wear to the airport and on the plane to Rome.

On the way to Rome, I wore fitted black trousers, a cream short sleeved knitted top, and a light casual red jacket.

When leaving Rome, I opted for gray trousers, a black top, and a cardigan, but it was so cold I had to throw my denim jacket on for the last few hours of sightseeing. I told you the weather gets crazy this time of the year in Rome!

Outfits details
Only fitted trousers
La Redoute cream knit
Shein red jacket

Zara gray trousers
Intimissimi black top
Shein black cardigan
Levis denim jacket

Rome packing list for April and Spring

Rome Packing List To Recreate Similar Outfits

If you like the style and color palette of my Rome outfits and want to recreate them for your trip to Rome, pack these items:


White knit

White shirt

Black tshirts/blouses x3

Navy knit

Light blue tshirt

Black cropped cardigan with nice buttons

Cream short sleeved top


Black tailored trousers

Black jeans

Straight medium wash jeans

Black slim fit trousers

Gray carrot style trousers


Denim jacket

Navy blue blazer

Navy blue light jacket with cinching at the waist

Red light waterproof jacket


Black canvas bag

White trainers

Pearl earrings and necklace

Navy blue and cream silk scarf

More Packing Tips for Rome

Rome’s weather in April can be very moody. 

In the morning and night it’s chilly, so make sure to have a jacket with you, and even a scarf if you will be walking a lot at night or eating alfresco.

Don’t dress too warm because Rome is a very sunny city and it can get very hot, even reaching 30° Celsius.

The best is to dress your upper body in layers, at least three layers – a tank top to keep you warm but not make you too hot; a blouse, a light knit or even a tshirt; and then a jacket, blazer, or cardigan to finish it off.

When it comes to your jacket, be very strategic. Don’t wear a very bulky and heavy jacket that will add a lot of weight to your bag or your arms when you have to remove it because it gets too hot.

Wear comfortable shoes, as there’s a lot of walking to be done in the city. My best advice is to wear nice leather flats, if you can walk for long hours in them, or a nice pair of white trainers. I prefer the look of flats but I can’t walk in them all day.

Wear a bag that’s comfortable to carry all day long, big enough to fit all your essentials, but small enough to manage and keep secure, should you feel the need to. I like to keep my bag extra tight in crowded areas, in train stations, and at night, but that’s not just in Rome.

Rome Outfits FAQ

What kind of clothes do they wear in Rome?

From my recent trips to Northern Italy, I have noticed that when comparing Rome with cities like Bolzano, Romans tend to dress more casually

What to wear in Rome to not look like a tourist?

The best way to not look like a tourist is to avoid wearing shorts, tank tops, very casual jeans and tee outfits that have no structure, sandals, and other open shoes off season.

If you want to blend in with the locals in Rome, wear casual items like jeans and tshirts, but pair them with more structured items like blazers, blouses, nice leather shoes, tailored trousers, knitwear over the shoulders, and a nice bag.

Where in Rome is there a dress code?

I must say I didn’t notice there was a dress code in Rome, and that’s likely because I like to dress on the put together and modest side.

If you cover your arms and legs, with longer bottom pieces and sleeved tshirts and blouses, even in Summer you’ll be fine.

If you are visiting Rome in the hotter months, you can carry a light cardigan with you to wear over sleeveless tops for museums like the Vatican and Pantheon that have stricter dress codes.

Is there a dress code for restaurants in Rome?

Unless you are going to a very fancy restaurant, restaurants in Rome have no specific dress code. Just wear something that makes you feel and look good, and you’ll be fine to take your outfit from day to night.

Is there a dress code for museums in Rome?

The Vatican Museums, St. Peter’s Basilica, and the Pantheon are said to have stricter dress codes, including no shorts and tank tops. Overall, if you dress gracefully you won’t have any issues when entering museums in Rome.

Seeking More Inspiration?

April’s weather in Rome felt very similar to the weather in Northern Italy at the beginning of October.

If you want more mild weather outfit inspiration, read this What To Wear In October post.

Once you are done planning your outfits, don’t forget to explore my other posts about the best food and activities in Rome.

Alessia Spampinato