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A Visual Journey Through Rome Italy Streets



No Italian city or town itinerary can be complete without a little sprinkle of wanderlust. 

Wandering through Rome’s streets is a free activity that almost anyone can enjoy. It’s also the best way to get a real feel for what this city has to offer since it’s so diverse and layered.

If you are here it means you are either lusting to go to Rome, or you are missing those quaint streets full of history.

I invite you to come on a journey with me through the pictures I took recently in Rome’s beautiful streets.

PS: All pictures are mine.

The Most Iconic Rome Streets

While I can’t include pictures of all the iconic streets in Rome here, because this article would never load for you to read, I can share a few. 

If you want to see more of those, I suggest this article – Rome In One Day. That one is concentrated on seeing all the important attractions of Rome in one day. 

Piazza del Colosseo Street

5 day Rome itinerary - Colosseum on day 1
Piazza del Colosseo

Piazza del Colosseo is the street the red bus is driving on. I took the picture from the street above, which gives you this gorgeous private view of the Colosseum. It’s called Via Nicola Salvi.

Via dei Condotti

This street is the main designer shops hub in Rome. It’s also the street that leads you to the famous Piazza di Spagna. The view from this street of the fuchsia azalea flowers on the Spanish steps is simply spectacular.

This picture was taken on a Sunday morning, just before 11 am. You can see it’s a busy street in Rome but it’s also one of the most iconic ones. And while it’s busy, it’s large enough for the crowds to thin out as they move towards or away from the square.

Rome Italy streets - Via dei Condotti
Via dei Condotti, Rome

It’s called Via dei Condotti because of the conduits located here that carried water to the Baths of Agrippa. 

Via della Conciliazione

This is a street I wished I had more time to explore, but I am definitely going back soon. Until then let me share with you this view of the street from Piazza di San Pietro, near the Obelisk of Jesus. 

Rome Italy streets inside Vatican city
Piazza San Pietro looking onto Via della Conciliazione

In case it isn’t clear, Via della Conciliazione is the street that leads to St. Peter’s Basilica from Castel Sant’Angelo.

This street is part of Rome, and not Vatican City. The latter starts at the end of the street, right in the Vatican Square.

PS: The name of the street is a reminder of the Patti Lateranensi – Lateran Treaty, which helped reconcile the Catholic Church and the Italian State in 1929. It’s also a very fit name for a street that connects the city of Rome to Vatican City, don’t you think so?

Via Merulana

The street name might not be famous, but it leads to a very famous attraction – Santa Maria Maggiore Basilica. This one is worth a visit, and there’s no ticket or queuing, especially if you go in the afternoon. You just have to pass quickly through security.

Via Merulana - Rome Italy street leading to Basilica
Via Merulana, Rome

I took this picture on our way to visit the Basilica, after checking out Pasticceria Regoli. The latter is not a good breakfast spot if you want to sit down, but it’s a great one for takeaway – both in the morning and afternoon.

Other iconic streets in Rome include:

Via dei Fori Imperiali

Via delle Muratte (after Fontana di Trevi)

Via del Corso

Via Vittorio Veneto

Via Giulia

Via Flaminia

Via Margutta

And many more. I have included pictures of a few of these in the sections below.

Busiest Streets In Rome

If you were to ask me which was the busiest street in Rome when you visited, I would immediately list these two: the streets leading to the Trevi Fountain and the streets surrounding the Pantheon.

After that, I would add the area in front of the Colosseum, St. Peter’s Square, and Trastevere Historic Center.

In all honesty, I was expecting Rome to be much busier, but I was pleasantly surprised. It was busy but not annoyingly so.

As you can see, the most annoying crowds were in the two spots below.

Piazza della Rotonda

That crowd is actually made up of different groups of people. There are people just passing by or stopping to admire the Pantheon, and there are others waiting in line. It’s those waiting in line that are congesting that area, some have a ticket, and some still need to buy it. 

Even with a ticket people are forced to wait in the central line, until the Pantheon frees up and they can enter, based on the time slot they booked online. Be prepared to enter much later than your time slot, but be on time so you can start queuing.

Pantheon Street - Rome in one day itinerary
Piazza della Rotonda

Via delle Muratte

The entire area surrounding the Trevi Fountain is packed with people, both Via del Lavoratore and Via delle Muratte.

However, Via delle Muratte is also congested because of the people waiting in line to go inside this famous cafe – L’Antico Forno di Fontana di Trevi. 

Expect to queue for around 30 minutes to go inside, and even longer to sit outside. Is it worth it though? You can read my review in this Rome Breakfast post.

Rome coffee shop queue in Via delle Muratte
Via delle Muratte

Rome Streets At Night

As the sun starts setting and the twinkling street lights come on, Rome transforms itself into the most romantic picture perfect city.

If that’s too cheesy, I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

Via di Monte Savello

Now tell me if this little street which I stumbled upon while trying to make my way back home on the last night in Rome isn’t just picture perfect?

I spent 15 minutes trying to find it for you on Google Maps, as Google Search Lens couldn’t bring anything up, since it’s not a popular street.

That’s the beauty of Rome. It’s so big and wonderful, that you can find your own picture-perfect spots, that few have photographed and shared before.

The street, in case you want to visit it yourself, is called Via di Monte Savello. It’s located along Lungotevere dei Pierleoni, just opposite Ponte Fabricio.

Via di Monte Savello Rome
Via di Monte Savello, Rome

Via di Torre Argentina

I took this picture after we finished our dinner at Pasta e Vino, which is located right on this street, and in front of some pretty amazing Rome ruins. You can find out more in my Best Cacio Pepe In Rome article.

restaurant with a view in Rome - old ruins
Via di Torre Argentina

Ponte Cavour

Once you go to Rome, you’ll probably agree with me on this – every bridge in Rome is special in its own way.

This happens to be one of my favorite areas of Rome. If you are curious why, or want to research the best areas to stay, read this port – Best Areas in Rome.

I took this picture after a late-night aperitivo at Maritozzo Rosso (read the review – Trastevere Restaurants). We went to try their savory maritozzo. After that, we headed to Pompi Tiramisu, on our quest to find the Best Tiramisu in Rome.

That’s when I saw this beautiful moment at night, with the street and boat twinkly lights, and I needed to capture it.

That boat you see is actually a restaurant, called Lian Club. From the reviews, I wouldn’t suggest eating here, but you could try it for a sunset or late-night drink.

Rome streets at night - Ponte Cavour
Ponte Cavour at night, Rome

Via Bocca di Leone

This was the next picture I took after that one in Ponte Cavour. We were still on our way to Pompi Tiramisu, just about to arrive.

Hosteria del Mercato is another restaurant I don’t recommend. It just happens to be on this pretty street.

What I do recommend is to wander the streets of Rome at night, after your dinner, and if anything catches your fancy, then Google it and read the reviews. I would steer away from anything that has less than 4+ stars.

Rome Italy street at night
Via Bocca di Leone at night, Rome

Street Views From The Top

I think it’s obvious that after this trip I really fell in love with Rome. It could have been the season – Spring in Rome is truly special, and the company; my husband is a great travel companion, although a little messy with Google Maps directions (haha).

I loved every angle and different times of the day. But if you are looking for a spot to truly admire Rome, the top is where you need to go.

For now, you could just admire it through Google Maps aerial view. But once you are there, try to go to at least two different viewpoints. Each one gives a different height, and also perspective on this mesmerizing city.

If you’d like to know which are the Best Views in Rome, read that article I wrote. 

Some of those viewpoints will give you a gorgeous view of certain streets. These are two I’d like to share with you today.

Rome street view from top
View from Castel Sant’Angelo (there are more amazing ones than this, see them here)

Rome street view from Palazzo Colonna
View from Palazzo Colonna – you need to see the view from the terrace; it’s stunning.

My Favorite Rome Street Moments 

This was very difficult to narrow down to a reasonable number. Expect to fill your camera up with beautiful street moments in Rome, so make sure you have the space.

Rome italy streets
Via Borgo Pio

Via Borgo Pio near the Vatican, is a great spot to have breakfast or lunch in this area of Rome.

Vicolo del Cedro - Trastevere Rome streets
Vicolo del Cedro – Old part of Trastevere

I think this picture sums up Trastevere, and while you can’t see the restaurants from here, there are hundreds just beyond those white linen draping from the balconies. 

Corso del Rinascimento Rome near Palazzo Madama
Corso del Rinascimento near Palazzo Madama

This picture shows the diversity of Rome and also how loved and visited it is. I love seeing all these people walking all in the same area, but each going in a different direction, based on their own itinerary. 

If you think about it, traveling not only lets you explore new places but also lets you meet with people from all over the world, you would never have otherwise met. It’s like a serendipitous moment, where a specific group of people is at that point at that same time.

Rome Italy street with statues
Via della Dataria near Palazzo del Quirinale

Where else, other than Rome, could you see a full street with statues in the walls?

Rome Italy street - Lungotevere Marzio
Lungotevere Marzio

I took this picture during one of my favorite walks in Rome. I loved the street, the area, and the whole vibe of new mixed with old. You can read more about that in my Best Rome Walks post.

Here’s a collection of more beautiful street moments in Rome:

Rome Italy streets near Ponte Cavour
Ponte di Cavour (the other side from the picture I showed you at night)

Monti neighborhood Rome
Monti neighborhood

Foodie Streets In Rome

Eating in Rome can be both very easy and super difficult. It’s easy because there’s a spot at every corner, but it’s difficult because with so much choice you are very likely to fall into a tourist trap.

I am very good at spotting quality food by just looking at pictures and reading the reviews. I have seen and eaten so much great Italian and Sicilian food, that I can recognize bad ones with my eyes closed.

If you’d like a helping hand, I suggest reading these articles:

Best Breakfast Spots in Rome

Best Sandwich in Rome

Best Tiramisu in Rome

Best Cacio e Pepe in Rome

Pizza in Rome – All The Types To Try

But if you want to truly immerse yourself in the local and authentic Roman food, you must head to Trastevere. Read this Trastevere Foodie Guide to know which restaurants are worth your money.

This is what Trastevere Main Street looks like. It’s gorgeous but it’s inside the neighborhood center, and in the little alleys, you’ll find the best specialties to munch on.

Trastevere Rome main street
Trastevere Rome main street – Viale di Trastevere

That spot in Viale di Trastevere is right in front of the Ministero dell’Istruzione e del Merito, aka the Office of the Italian Ministry for Education. You can’t see it in this picture, it’s on the left.

Rome Shopping Streets

If what you are really lusting for is shopping in Rome, you must check out My Rome Shopping Guide. It’s full of the prettiest and best shopping streets, with pictures of each one, including the best shops.

Here’s a glimpse of what designer shopping streets look like in Rome:

walk in rome in Via dei Condotti
Through Via dei Condotti

That happens to be the most expensive shopping street, but in my shopping guide, I have included the best streets for every budget.

Best Streets For Walking

Of course, every street in Rome is perfect for walking, and wandering without direction is a great way to romanticize the city you are in. 

However, when you are done wandering, you might want to walk in a specific direction. This is where the best streets for walking come in. In my Stunning Walks In Rome article, I share the best walks to take to reach those attractions you would visit anyway.

Here is one of them:

Rome Italy Streets - Via dei Fori Imperiali
Via dei Fori Imperiali, Rome

Loving Rome?

If you are into Rome at the moment, or want to keep researching and learning about it for a school project or to plan your own trip, I have many more posts that are both helpful and filled with pictures. You can find them all under the Lazio & Rome category.

I suggest you start with the Trastevere Foodie Guide.

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