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All You Need To Know About Your Trip To Italy In October – Weather, What It’s Like, Best Places to Visit, Food & More



With its mild weather, festive spirit, and thinner crowds, October is one of the best times to visit the beautiful country of Italy. Discover why this iconic destination shines in the autumn and start planning your ideal fall Italian getaway with this helpful North to South guide.

Key Insights:

Sunny day in Bolzano Italy in October

Is October a good time to visit Italy

Let’s start with the fact that there’s probably no wrong time to visit Italy, but there surely is the best time for you specifically. Whether October is the best time for you to visit my country depends on different factors, including the type of weather you prefer, the type of holiday you are after, and your travel style.

In this article, I will share with you some key information about Italy in October to help you make up your mind.

PS: If you want my personal opinion, I think October is one of the best months to travel to Italy because the weather is so nice, not too hot and not too cold, throughout the different regions from North to South. Let’s look at the October weather in Italy.

How’s the Weather in Italy in October?

The best way to describe October in Italy is to use the Italian weather expression “tempo mite”, meaning mild weather. As you can see from the table below, every major Italian city from North to South has a mild temperature, especially when compared to the extremes of Summer and Winter.

This is why I am also including that information so that it gives you an easy way to compare different times of the year if the weather is a big factor in your decision. If it is, I get it as it certainly is for me.

October Temperatures in Italy

Major Italian CitiesAugust Average Temps (F/C)October Average Temps (F/C)January Average Temps (F/C)
BolzanoHigh 76°F/24°C
Low 54°F/12°C
High 62°F/17°C
Low 43°F/6°C
High 36°F/2°C
Low 25°F/-4°C
TurinHigh 80°F/27°C
Low 61°F/16°C
High 61°F/16°C
Low 46°F/8°C
High 42°F/6°C
Low 30°F/-1°C
MilanHigh 81°F/27°C
Low 63°F/17°C
High 64°F/18°C
Low 47°F/8°C
High 44°F/7°C
Low 32°F/0°C
VeniceHigh 82°F/28°C
Low 64°F/18°C
High 64°F/18°C
Low 47°F/8°C
High 43°F/6°C
Low 32°F/0°C
GenoaHigh 80°F/27°C
Low 70°F/21°C
High 67°F/19°C
Low 57°F/14°C
High 53°F/12°C
Low 44°F/7°C
Bologna High 83°F/28°C
Low 63°F/17°C
High 65°F/18°C
Low 49°F/9°C
High 46°F/8°C
Low 34°F/1°C
FlorenceHigh 88°F/31°C
Low 64°F/18°C
High 70°F/21°C
Low 51°F/11°C
High 52°F/11°C
Low 36°F/2°C
RomeHigh 88°F/31°C
Low 67°F/19°C
High 72°F/22°C
Low 54°F/12°C
High 55°F/13°C
Low 38°F/3°C
NaplesHigh 86°F/30°C
Low 70°F/21°C
High 73°F/23°C
Low 59°F/15°C
High 57°F/14°C
Low 43°F/6°C
BariHigh 86°F/30°C, 
Low 69°F/21°C
High 73°F/23°C
Low 57°F/14°C
High 56°F/13°C
Low 43°F/6°C
PalermoHigh 88°F/31°C
Low 74°F/23°C
High 75°F/24°C
Low 62°F/17°C
High 58°F/14°C
Low 48°F (9°C)
CagliariHigh 89°F/32°C, 
Low 69°F/21°C
High 73°F/23°C
Low 60°F/16°C
High 58°F/14°C
Low 47°F/8°C
October Temperatures in Italy Compared to Other Months

PS: As you can see above, the weather can vary from one day to the next one. So pack wisely and be flexible with your itinerary.

During our 2 weeks holiday, we only had one cloudy morning in Northern Italy and cloudy day with a drizzle in Florence, so nothing to complain about.

Similarly, as you can see in the above table, the temperatures vary a lot, from the lowest being 43°F in Bolzano, a major city close to the Dolomites, to the highest going up to 75°F in Sicily.

I chose not to include the April averages simply because they are usually very similar to those in October.

This information should help you in two ways.

  1. First, you get to see the average temperatures for your favorite cities or the closest ones geographically, and you can decide whether the October weather suits you.
  2. Secondly, if you are not fixed on a destination, you can let the temperatures guide your choice of which Italian city to fly to at the beginning of Fall.

Rain Season in Italy

If you are like me, knowing how cold and hot the weather it’s not enough to make up your mind. You also want to know how much it rains in Italy during October. Have a look at the rainfall averages below.

Major CitiesLeast Rainy MonthRainiest MonthOctober Rainfall (in/mm)
BolzanoJanuaryJune2.5 in / 64 mm
TurinJanuaryMay2.6 in / 65 mm
MilanFebruaryMay2.9 in / 73 mm
VeniceJanuaryJune3.3 in / 84 mm
GenoaJulyOctober4.2 in / 106 mm
BolognaFebruaryMay3.3 in / 84 mm
FlorenceJulyNovember3.5 in / 89 mm
RomeJulyNovember3.2 in / 82 mm
NaplesJulyOctober3.2 in / 81 mm
BariJulyDecember3.2 in / 81 mm
PalermoJulyDecember3.4 in / 87 mm
CagliariJulyOctober2.3 in / 58 mm
Rainfall in October in Italy

The table above also shows you the rainiest and least rainy month for each of the major cities listed. That way you can easily spot whether your destination is very rainy during October.

You can immediately see that these cities are the rainiest in October: Genoa, Naples. If one of those was the city you had in mind visiting, and rain is a breaking factor, then you might want to choose a different one.

PS: As a rule of thumb, the rainiest and least rainy months are clustered together. So if you see that your number 1 destination, for example, Rome, is rainiest in November that usually means that rainfall in October and December will also be higher than the average.

Autumn in Italy in October

What Season is it in Italy in October?

In case you have any doubts, let me confirm that in Italy October is the first month of Fall. While the season officially starts between 21-23 September, it’s during this month that the weather starts changing.

If you’d like to know what Fall is like in Italy, that’s a question to be answered in a separate article because Fall lasts 3 months, and in that time the weather changes a lot, especially from North to South.

As a general guide, the closer you get to Christmas, the colder it gets in most parts of the country. However, the South of Italy is still very pleasant towards the end of the season, when it comes to average temperatures. Fall is also the season of beautiful foliage and changing colors. You can expect to see the most falling leaves in November and December in both Northern and mid-central cities.

Italy’s October Calendar: Festivals, Holidays & Food Days

Do you want to visit Italy and experience life like a local? If that’s so, you likely want to celebrate the public holidays, attend local festivals, and enjoy special delicacies featured on the October Calendar. In that case, you’ll appreciate the following information.

Holidays in Italy in October

In Italy, October does not have any nationwide public holidays. However, there are a few regional and local holidays that might be observed in specific areas in connection to religion, such as the Feast of Saint Francis of Assisi, the Feast of Saint Catherine of Siena, and the Feast of Saint Pelino.

You can read more about Italian Holidays here.

October Festivals in Italy 

October brings beautiful autumn weather and delicious fall produce, making it a great time to experience festivals across Italy. From truffle fairs to chestnut festivals, there are many opportunities to soak in the sights, sounds, and flavors of the season.

Food Festivals:

Cultural Festivals:

Other Festivals:

Sporting Events:

October in Italy includes amaretti day

Italian Food Days on the October Calendar

October features numerous Italian food days including World Bread Day on the 16th and World Pasta Day on the 25th. Here’s the full list:

– October 1: National Amaretto Day (typical biscuit of Saronno, Lombardy)

– October 2: National Octopus Day

– October 3: National Sbrisolona Day (typical cake of Mantova, Lombardy)

– October 4: National Rocciata Day (typical of Assisi, Umbria)

– October 5: National Butter Day

– October 6: National Meliga and Krumiri Pasta Day (typical biscuits of Piedmont)

– October 7: National Pallotte Cace e Ove Day 

– October 8: National Coffee Day 

– October 9: National Polenta Day (typical of Northern Italy)

– October 10: National Pane di Matera Day 

– October 11: National Torta di Pane Day 

– October 12: National Pane di Altamura Day (Puglia)

– October 13: National Porcini Mushroom Day

– October 14: National Tuscan Bread Day 

– October 15: National Boiled Meat Day

– October 16: World Bread Day

– October 17: National Rabbit Stew Day

– October 18: National Chestnut Day

– October 19: National Montebianco Day

– October 20: National Walnut Day

– October 21: National Cjarsons Day (stuffed pasta from Friuli)

– October 22: National Pecorino Day

– October 23: National Pumpkin Tortelli Day

– October 24: National Gnocchi alla Romana Day 

– October 25: World Pasta Day

– October 26: National Hazelnut Day

– October 27: National Macco di Fave Day (typical dish of Sicily)

– October 28: National Peposo Day (typical dish of Tuscany)

– October 29: National Beans Day

– October 30: National Baked Pasta Day

– October 31: National Pumpkin Day

enjoy chestnuts in Italy in October

The Best Italian Delicacies To Eat in October

When looking for foods to eat in Italy in October, a great place to start is by checking out the list of national food days shared earlier. Those highlight many delicious seasonal ingredients and dishes perfect for autumn.

Of course, you can also enjoy all the classics of the region and city you visit. For extra inspiration on regional delicacies, I have compiled a list of the top foods to enjoy in each area of Italy during October below.

Trentino-Alto Adige:

Castagne: Chestnuts

Canederli: Bread dumplings usually served in a broth

Speck: Smoked and cured ham, often served with bread and cheese

Valle d’Aosta:

Carbonade: Beef stew cooked with red wine, onions, and spices

Fonduta: Creamy cheese fondue often served with bread and vegetables

Friuli Venezia Giulia:

Babe in gridala: Grilled mushrooms in Carnia

Jota: Hearty bean, sauerkraut, and smoked meat soup

Frico: Crispy cheese and potato pancake


Risotto al Radicchio: Risotto with radicchio, a bitter and colorful leafy vegetable

Fegato alla Veneziana: Venetian-style liver and onions


Pumpkin Tortelli from Sabbioneta

Risotto alla Zucca: Pumpkin risotto

Polenta Taragna: A traditional dish made with buckwheat and cornmeal


Piatti con le castagne: Dishes with chestnuts in the Liguria region

Trofie al Pesto: Hand-rolled pasta with basil and pine nut pesto

Cima alla Genovese: Stuffed veal or beef rolls with vegetables

Emilia Romagna:

Cotoletta alla petroniana: Petronian-style cutlet in Bologna

Tortellini in Brodo: Small pasta filled with meat, served in a flavorful broth

Tagliatelle al Ragù: Wide pasta ribbons with a rich meat sauce


Pappa al Pomodoro: A thick tomato and bread soup

Castagnaccio: Chestnut flour cake with rosemary, pine nuts, and raisins


Olive all’Ascolana: Fried stuffed olives with meat and cheese

Vincisgrassi: Baked pasta dish similar to lasagna


Maccheroni dolci e il pan nociato: Sweet macaroni and walnut bread in Todi

Porchetta: Roast pork with crispy skin and aromatic herbs

Strangozzi al Tartufo: Handmade pasta with truffle sauce

Black Truffle Tagliolini from Norcia

Rome is still sunny in Italy in October


Vino dei Castelli Romani: Wine from the Castelli Romani in Frascati

Gnocchi alla Romana: Semolina-based gnocchi baked with cheese and butter

Saltimbocca alla Romana: Thin veal cutlets wrapped in prosciutto and sage


Zucca con fagioli all’abruzzese: Pumpkin with beans in Abruzzo

Maccheroni alla Chitarra: Square-cut pasta served with various sauces

Arrosticini: Skewers of grilled lamb or mutton


Calcioni: Fried pastries filled with cheese, vegetables, or meat

Taccuni: Hand-rolled pasta with tomato sauce and pecorino cheese


Castagne “allesse”: Roasted chestnuts “allesse” in Naples

Pasta e Fagioli: Pasta and bean soup

Zuppa di Cozze: Mussel soup with tomatoes and garlic


Orecchiette con cime di rapa (Orecchiette pasta with turnip greens in Bari)

Fave e cicorie (Fava beans and chicory)

Focaccia Barese: Focaccia topped with cherry tomatoes and olives.


Manta ray with cream of caciocavallo cheese

Crapiata: Tomato and bread soup with various vegetables

Strascinati con Peperoni Cruschi: Pasta with dried peppers


Tiella alla Silana: Sila-style casserole with meat, potatoes, mushrooms, spices, and aromatic herbs

Salsiccia al Peperoncino: Spicy Calabrian sausage

‘Nduja: Spicy, spreadable pork sausage


Granita and brioscia: October is usually the last chance to eat this

Risotto con la zucca e pistacchio di Bronte: Pumpkin rice with Bronte pistachios

Rame di Napoli: a chocolate spongy biscuit to celebrate All Saints Day


Culurgiones: Pasta filled with potato, mint, and cheese

Seadas: Sweet fried pastries filled with cheese and drizzled with honey

Sa Cassola from Castelsardo: Castellanese Soup

Autunno is Fall in Italian

October in Italian & Other Seasonal Words To Learn

What’s an article about Italy in October without some helpful language tips? If you want to understand conversations about the season, knowing how to say autumn in Italian is essential. Since October falls right in the middle of autumn, let’s begin with the Italian word for fall itself.


Listen to me saying both Ottobre and Autunno here:


Here are a few examples of how to use both words in common everyday sentences.

  1. Sta arrivando l’autunno. – Autumn is coming.
  2. Manca poco ad Ottobre. – October is coming soon
  3. E` iniziato Ottobre. – October has started
  4. Io sono nato a Ottobre. – I was born in October
  5. Non vedo l’ora che viene l’autunno. – I can’t wait for autumn to come
  6. Ottobre è il mio mese preferito. – October is my favorite month
  7. Preferisci l’autunno o la primavera? – Do you prefer autumn or spring?
  8. Quest’ Ottobre vado in vacanza. – I’m going on vacation this October
  9. I nonni arrivano a fine Ottobre. – Grandparents are coming at the end of October
  10. Hai preparato case per l’Autunno? – Have you prepared your home for autumn?

To start planning your ideal autumn trip, it’s useful to know some key Italian words and phrases related to the fall season.

Italian WordPronunciationEnglish Translation
Frescofray-skohcool, chilly
Maglia di cotonemah-lya dee koh-toh-nehcotton sweater
Tisanatee-sah-nahherbal tea
Cioccolata caldacho-koh-lah-tah kahl-dahhot chocolate
Minestronemee-neh-stroh-nehvegetable soup
Riscaldareree-skahl-dah-rehto warm up
Coprirekoh-pree-rehto cover up
Fall Seasonal Italian Vocabulary

you can swim in Southern Italy in October

The Best Places To Visit in Italy in October Just For You 

When thinking about where to go in Italy in October, there are many great destinations to choose from. Rather than telling you which are the best, let me help you pick places based on your travel style and the type of holiday you are after.

Warmest Places in Italy in October

If you want to visit Italy at the beginning of Fall and still enjoy warmer temperatures, look to Southern Italy in October. Regions like Sicily, Sardinia, Puglia, Campania, and Calabria tend to be sunnier and warmer compared to northern areas.

For example, cities like Palermo, Naples, and Bari have average highs around 75°F (23°C). The warmer weather makes these ideal for beach vacations or exploring the outdoors.

Consider adding these more authentic places to your Southern Italy itinerary:

  1. Atrani, Monte Verde and Sant’Agata dei Goti near Naples
  2. Locorotondo, Ostuni, and Otranto in Puglia
  3. Scilla, Altomonte and Rocca Imperiale in Calabria
  4. Cefalù, Mazara del Vallo, and Scopello in Sicily
  5. Castelsardo, Bosa and Carloforte in Sardinia

Northern Italy in October

For cooler weather ideal for sightseeing, hiking, and autumn cuisine, look to the best places to visit in Northern Italy in October. Top destinations include the Dolomites, Venice, Milan, Verona, and Lake Como. Don’t miss the amazing fall foliage, usually available towards the end of the month.

Best Italian Cities to Visit in October

October is a great time for major cities like Rome, Florence, and Venice to beat peak crowds. Smaller cities like Verona, Lucca, and Siena also offer pleasant trips this month.

One of my top favorite Italian cities to visit at the beginning of the Fall season is Turin.

Turin is the capital city of Piedmont and is known for its chocolate, its low-rise panettone, its Baroque architecture, the beautiful parks and viewpoints, and the scenic views of the Po River. If you want to choose a less crowded city, that’s romantic, cozy, very tasty, and great for shopping, add this to your list.

Smaller Towns & Less Touristy Places in Italy

For a more authentic local experience, consider Italy’s slow travel in smaller, lesser-known towns and destinations. Places in Marche, Umbria, Emilia-Romagna,Valle d’Aosta, and Abruzzo offer charm, amazing food, hiking and fewer crowds.

There are thousands of small towns and villages in Italy, often referred to as “borghi”. Many of these have been voted and added to the list of the most beautiful villages in Italy. Here are 10, listed from North to South, to check out:

  1. Venzone
  2. Chiusa
  3. Orta San Giulio
  4. Tellaro
  5. Mel
  6. Pitigliano
  7. Sperlonga
  8. Bobbio
  9. Spello
  10. Erice

Hiking in Italy in October & Italian Countryside

With cooler fall temperatures, October is perfect for hiking in Italy and exploring small towns and the countryside. Top hiking destinations include the Amalfi Coast, Lake Como, Tuscany, South Tyrol, and the Dolomites.

PS: Skip Cinque Terre as walking the narrow trails in the rain is not ideal, and October happens to be the rainiest month along with November.

Here are 5 of the most beautiful hikes in Italy.

  1. Sentiero Viel Viel del Pan in Trentino-Alto Adige (7-13 Km)
  2. Greenway del Lario in Lake Como (11 Km)
  3. Asciano to Pieve in Tuscany (9 Km)
  4. La Via Francigena between Toscana and Lazio (1700 km) for a full hiking holiday
  5. Cammino di Dante – from Emilia Romagna to Tuscany (380 Km)
  6. Via di Francesco in Umbria (189 Km)

I have given you a mix of very short, medium, and very long hikes so that you can fit them into your day or plan your holiday around them.

Best Places to Admire Fall Foliage in Italy

Some of the best places to admire fall foliage are Trentino-Alto Adige, Lombardy, Piedmont, Veneto, Tuscany, and Umbria. Don’t miss the amazing colors in Turin, where you can enjoy playing with the leaves with fewer crowds around you.

My Most Recent Italy October Itinerary

If you want to, you can copy my recent trip combining Northern & Central Italy. I spent a beautiful week in Bolzano but visited many nearby towns and then I took a train to Florence to start my week in Tuscany.

I planned this itinerary because I wanted to enjoy the cooler weather and beautiful nature of the Dolomites as well as enjoy a refreshing but comfortable city break in one of the most beautiful Italian cities. If it’s not clear, I was trying to escape the hotter temperatures we’ve experienced recently in the Mediterranean.

Dolomites in October: Last Chance Before it Snows

The Dolomites offer stunning Alpine scenery and outdoor activities, making them a top Italian destination.

Ortisei in October provides cooler fall weather perfect for hiking amidst the jagged peaks before winter snows arrive.

Bolzano in October also serves as a great base to explore the Dolomites, with its charming old town and proximity to hiking trails and mountain villages. The fresh air and golden larches make October an ideal time to visit the Dolomites.

My Highlights
I highly recommend visiting the Dolomites and the Trentino region this time of the year. October is a wonderful month when it still feels like Summer but it also looks like Fall. It’s neither too hot nor cold, so you can enjoy every activity in the best possible weather. If you want to enjoy the mountains with great weather, then you’ll love it. 

Just a heads up, the mountains are not going to be as lush as at the beginning of Summer. If you are dreaming of bright green valleys, then go in July.

Tuscany in October

Tuscany in October 

From its rolling hills to medieval towns, Tuscany shines in the autumn.

Lucca in October captivates with its intact Renaissance walls, plazas perfect for sipping wine, and proximity to Pisa and the coast. Read more about Lucca here.

Other Tuscan gems like Siena, San Gimignano, and Arezzo also offer a trip back in time with fewer crowds. Don’t miss the olive harvest celebrations and countryside awash in autumn hues.

My Highlights
I am sure Tuscany is wonderful all year long because the weather is not as extreme as the Northern regions. However, October is truly special. You can still enjoy Summer clothing but without sweating. 

Do prepare yourself for hotter days if you visit at the beginning of the month. It can also be breezy and drizzle, so make sure to pack a flexible set of clothing. I discuss that in this other article – What to Wear in Italy in October.

Florence in October

As one of Italy’s most captivating cities, Florence enchants in October as the heat and crowds dissipate. Spend days getting happily lost among narrow lanes while admiring architectural marvels like the Duomo.

Mornings start with cappuccino in atmospheric cafés and evenings mean sipping Chianti to the sound of street musicians. October provides ideal weather to fully immerse yourself in Florence’s magic.

My Highlights
I loved visiting Florence in October. It was still crowded because Firenze is Firenze, but far less than it would be in Summer. If you want to beat the crowds and also save a little on accommodation, you should go towards the end of the month. 

Don’t fool yourself into thinking that you can visit the Duomo without the queues just because it’s October. To beat the crowds you need a guided ticket. You can purchase it here.

12 Unique Things To Do in Italy in October

Italy dazzles in autumn, with cooler weather ideal for active adventures and cultural immersion. In addition to the classics like sipping wine and wandering medieval city centers, consider some of these one-of-a-kind experiences to make the most of your October visit:

Mushroom Foraging – Join local experts for a mushroom foraging expedition in the forests of Piedmont or Lombardy.

Cycling in Tuscany – Take leisurely bike rides through the Tuscan countryside, vineyards, and charming hilltop towns. 

Hot Air Balloon Rides – Soar above the Tuscan or Umbrian landscapes in a hot air balloon, enjoying panoramic views.

Truffle Hunts – Join a truffle hunt in Piedmont or Umbria to learn how to find and taste these prized mushrooms.

Cooking Classes – Take a cooking class focused on seasonal fall ingredients like mushrooms, pumpkins, chestnuts, etc. Popular locations include Bologna, Florence, and Sicily.

Olive Farm Tours – Explore an olive oil farm in regions like Tuscany, Umbria, or Puglia to learn about harvest and production.

Scenic Train Rides – See the bold foliage colors by taking a scenic train ride on routes like the Bernina Express or through Abruzzo’s national parks.  

Fall Festivals – Attend a festival celebrating quintessential fall produce like chestnuts, mushrooms, or pumpkins.

Themed Hikes – Join a guided hike focused on medicinal herbs, mushrooms foraging, or tree identification.

Craft Classes – Take a ceramics or woodworking class to make local crafts like Deruta ceramics or Sorrento inlaid wood.

Farm Stays – Volunteer on an organic farm or vineyard to engage with rural life and agriculture.

Alpine Cable Cars – Take a cable car up to experience alpine views from locations like Trentino or South Tyrol.

Alpine cable car in Italy in October

Final Thoughts

With so many reasons to visit, October proves to be a fantastic time to explore the magic of Italy. From savoring seasonal delicacies to admiring the autumn foliage, there are endless ways to soak in la dolce vita.

Be sure to pack the right clothing for the fall weather – get tips in my article on what to pack for Italy in October. And start planning your Italian itinerary to take advantage of the mild temperatures, festive spirit, and thinning crowds next October.

Frequently Asked Questions about Italy in October

Is Italy still warm in October?

October temperatures vary across Italy, but southern regions like Sicily, Sardinia, and Puglia still see warm weather, with average highs around 75°F (24°C). Central and northern areas are milder, with highs from the mid-60s to low-70s Fahrenheit.

What is Tuscany like in October?

Tuscany is beautiful in October, with pleasant weather ideal for wine tasting, scenic drives, and visiting cities like Florence. Average highs are around 70°F (21°C) and the countryside shows off fall foliage. Olive harvest festivals celebrate the new oil pressing season.

Can you wear shorts in Italy in October?

In southern Italy, shorts may still be comfortable during the day depending on your comfort level. For central and northern regions, lightweight pants or jeans are better as temperatures drop into the 60s. Always bring layers and a jacket for chillier nights.

What is Florence like in October?

Florence has cooler daytime highs in the 60s or 70s Fahrenheit during October, with nights dipping into the 50s. The city is less crowded but still lively, with street music and cozy cafés. It’s an ideal month to sightsee without dealing with summer heat or throngs of tourists.

How cold is Italy in October?

October temperatures range from daily highs in the 60s and 70s in northern Italy to the 70s and even 80s still possible in the south. Overnight lows are often in the 40s and 50s. While chillier than summer, Italy doesn’t get extremely cold in October compared to winter.

What food is in season in Italy in October?

Autumn produce like mushrooms, pumpkins, chestnuts, grapes, olives, and walnuts are plentiful in October. Truffles emerge in regions like Piedmont and Umbria. Many towns have food festivals celebrating seasonal ingredients.

Is Italy cheaper in October or November?

October is generally cheaper than peak summer months, with cooler weather and thinner crowds. Prices start rising again closer to the Christmas season in November and December. Late October may offer some deals as the main tourist season winds down.

Where is the warmest in Italy in October?

Southern Italy maintains warmer weather the longest into fall. Sicily, Sardinia, Campania, and Calabria have some of the highest October temperatures, with daily highs in the 70s or even low 80s still possible.

Can you sunbathe in Italy in October?

Sunbathing is still feasible in southern Italy in early October, especially in Sicily, Sardinia, and the southern mainland. But by late October, temperatures are dropping so it may be too chilly, especially further north.

What time does it get dark in Italy in early October?

In early October, sunset is around 6:30 – 7 pm across Italy. Up north near the Alps, it gets dark closer to 7:30 pm while farther south the sun sets a bit earlier. Daylight decreases as the month progresses.

What is the rain like in Italy in October?

Rainfall increases in October, though the wettest months are usually November and December. Southern Italy stays drier while parts of the north and west coasts see more rain. Still, substantial rain or heavy storms are infrequent.

What was like visiting Italy in October 2023?

It was very nice although extra warm than usual because of how strange the weather had been that year. I loved every second of it both during our time in the Northern region of Trentino as well as in Tuscany.

Is October with kids a good month to go?

October with kids in Italy makes things easier. It’s neither too hot nor too cold, so you don’t have to pack as much as you would in Winter or early Spring, but you don’t have to worry of getting too dehydrated or hot either.

Best Places to go in October in Italy

I would imagine every place in Italy is nice in October because of the mild weather. However, I especially suggest Northern Italy, including the Dolomites and the entire Trentino region.

When is the White Truffle Festival in Alba?

It kicks off in October and continues till the beginning of December, so plenty of time to visit.

Which is better month to visit Italy between September and October?

September is better for those who want to still enjoy the summer heat while October is ideal for those who want cooler weather and fewer crowds.

Is Rome in October a good time to go?

Yes. Rome in October is a great time to visit, the weather is still warm and you won’t be going in the rainiest month, which is November. Do however except a few showers.

Best things to do in Italy in October.

These are just a few of the best things to do this time of the year in Italy:
1. Climb Seceda, with the cable car or a hike.
2. Visit smaller mountain towns, like Bressanone and Ortisei, when the weather is still sunny.
3. Enjoy aperitivo time outside without feeling too hot.
4. Dine alfresco in pleasant weather.
5. Enjoy the sunbathing and swimming with fewer crowds.

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