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Learn To Talk About Clothes In Italian: Build Vocabulary & Pronunciation



Are you at that point in your Italian language learning journey where you need to learn all the names of clothes in Italian?

Or maybe, you just want to know what to ask for in the shops, next time you are in Italy?

Either way, I am here to help you learn all the basics and some more. By the end of this article, you will not only have a handy list of Italian clothing words, organized in clear categories, but you will also know how to pronounce each one of them.

I will also make sure to include a list of useful Italian clothing phrases and some practice exercises so you can test yourself.

PS: I am an Italian woman who loves fashion, so you are in good hands.

Italian Clothing Language Basics

Before giving you all the Italian clothing lists you want, let me give you some general grammar points. They will help you speak about clothes in Italian much more confidently.

How do you say clothing in Italian?

Clothing translates to “vestiario” or “abbigliamento” in Italian.

The difference between the two is that the first is used in more professional settings while abbigliamento is used by everyone.

Abbigliamento is the word you use to refer to clothing categories. 

See the examples below:

Abbigliamento da donna – Women’s clothing
Abbigliamento da uomo – Men’s clothing
Abbigliamento da bambino – Children’s clothing
Abbigliamento da sera – Evening wear
Abbigliamento da cerimonia – Ceremonial clothing
Abbigliamento da lavoro – Workwear
Abbigliamento da ufficio – Office attire
Abbigliamento da casa – Home clothing
Abbigliamento da palestra – Gym attire
Abbigliamento da montagna – Mountain clothing
Abbigliamento da mare – Beachwear
Abbigliamento da sci – Ski clothing
Abbigliamento da aperitivo – Aperitif attire
Abbigliamento da barca – Boating attire
Abbigliamento da ballo – Dance attire
Abbigliamento da caccia – Hunting attire
Abbigliamento da crociera – Cruise attire
Abbigliamento da giardino – Garden attire
Abbigliamento da golf – Golf attire
Abbigliamento da università – University attire
Abbigliamento da ciclista – Cyclist attire
Abbigliamento da alpinista – Mountaineer attire
Abbigliamento da elettricista – Electrician attire
Abbigliamento invernale – Winter clothing
Abbigliamento primaverile – Spring clothing
Abbigliamento estivo – Summer clothing
Abbigliamento autunnale – Autumn clothing
Abbigliamento di moda – Fashionable clothing
Abbigliamento fuori moda – Outdated clothing
Abbigliamento taglie piccole – Small-sized clothing
Abbigliamento taglie forti/comode – Plus-sized/Comfortable-sized clothing

And the list goes on and on. You practically can add any activity or profession or sport after abbigliamento da and you’ll get a clothing category.

What’s vestiti then?

I am sure you’ve heard the word vestiti. That means clothes, and it’s the plural of vestito:

Un vestito – one dress
Due vestiti – two dresses, two clothes

This word is the core of Italian clothing, so much so that it means both dress (in the singular and plural) but also clothes in the plural.

For example:
Ho comprato un vestito rosso. – I have purchased a red dress.
Hai lavato i vestiti? – Did you wash the clothes?

What are the main Italian clothing categories?

Independently of the season, the gender and the occasion there are some category words that we use to distinguish the type of clothing (layers and accessories) in all languages. Let’s look at those Italian words.

  1. Biancheria intima /intimo  – Underwear
  2. Abiti – Clothes
  3. Soprabiti – Overcoats
  4. Scarpe – Shoes
  5. Accessori – Accessories
  6. Vestiti da casa – Lounge wear
  7. Vestiti da notte / pigiama – Nightwear / Pajamas
  8. Costumi da bagno – Swimwear

With those basics covered, let’s now explore the clothing words under those key categories. In most cases, I will be giving you the singular followed by the plural ending.

Clothes in Italian

Biancheria Intima – Underwear Words In Italian

Babydoll – Babydoll

Body – Bodysuit

Boxer – Boxers (men’s underwear style)

Camicie da notte – Nightgowns/Nighties

Calzino/i – Socks

Canottiera/e – Tank top/s (undershirt for men)

Collant – Tights

Maglia/e – Undershirt/s

Mutanda/e – Underpants

Mutandina/e – Panties

Perizoma/i – Thong/s

Reggiseno/i – Bra/s

Slip – Briefs

Sottogonna/e – Underskirt

Vestaglia/e – Robe/s

Italian underwear pronunciation

Abiti – Clothes

Abito/i – Dress

Abito lungo – Long dress

Camicia/e – Shirt

Canotta/e – Tank top

Dolcevita/e – Polo neck

Giacca/he di lana – Cardigan

Gonna/e – Skirt

Minigonna/e – Mini skirt

Pantaloni – Pants

Vestito/i – Dress

Giacca/he – Jacket

Maglietta/e – T-shirt

Maglione/i – Sweater

Polo – Polo shirt

Felpa/e – Sweatshirt

Gilet – Vest

Jeans – Jeans

Pantaloncini – Shorts

Tuta/e – Tracksuit

Salopette – Overalls

Bermuda – Bermuda shorts

Leggings – Leggings

Twinset – Twin set

Tailleur /Abito /Giacca e pantaloni / Giacca e gonna / Giacca e vestito – Suit

Italian clothes pronunciation

soprabiti are the Italian clothes name to refer to all overcoasts including coats and jackets

Soprabiti – Overcoats

Cappotto/i – Coat

Giubbotto/i – Jacket

Bomber – Bomber Jacket

Piumino/i – Down Jacket

Giacca/he a vento – Windbreaker jacket

Gilet imbottito – Padded Vest

Anorak o parka – Anorak or Parka

Impermeabile/i – Raincoat

Trench – Trench Coat

Mantello/i – Cloak

Pelliccia/e – Fur Coat

Spolverino/i – Dust Coat

Poncho – Poncho

Italian overcoats pronunciation

Scarpe – Shoes Italian Words

Stivali – Boots

Stivaletti – Ankle boots

Décolleté/Stiletto – Pumps/Stilettos

Ballerine – Ballerina flats

Mocassini – Loafers

Sandali – Sandals

Infradito – Flip-flops

Zoccoli – Clogs

Scarponcini – Hiking boots

Scarpe da ginnastica – Sneakers

Tronchetti – Booties

Francesine – Oxford shoes

Espadrillas – Espadrilles

Ciabatte/Pantofole – Slippers

Sabot – Mules

Stivaletti con tacco – Ankle boots with heels

Anfibi – Combat boots

Scarponi da sci – Ski boots

Zeppe – Wedges

Italian shoes names pronunciation

sciarpa means scarf

Accessori – Accessories in Italian

Neck (Da collo):

Foulard – Scarf
Sciarpa/e – Scarf
Scaldacollo – Neck warmer

Bags (Borse):

Borsetta/Borsa – Handbag/Purse
Zaino/i – Backpack
Portafoglio/i – Wallet
Portamonete – Coin purse

Jewellery (Gioielli):

Collana/e – Necklace
Bracciale/i – Bracelet
Anello/i – Ring
Orecchini – Earrings
Spilla/e – Brooch
Orologio/i da polso – Wristwatch

Hair (Capelli):

Cappello/i – Hat
Cappello/i di lana – Woolen hat
Berretto/i – Beanie
Berretto/i da baseball – Baseball cap
Fascia/e – Headband
Fermacapelli – Hair Clip
Copricapo – Headgear

For Men (Per Uomo):

Cravatta/e – Necktie
Papillon/Farfallino – Bow Tie
Fermacravatta/e – Tie clip
Fazzoletto/i da taschino – Pocket square/handkerchief


Cintura/e – Belt
Guanti – Gloves
Ombrello – Umbrella
Occhiali – Eyeglasses
Occhiali da sole – Sunglasses
Catena per occhiali – Eyeglass chain

Italian accessories pronunciation

Costumi da bagno – Swimwear

Bikini – Bikini

Costume intero – One-piece swimsuit

Slip da bagno – Swim briefs/Trunks

Boxer da mare – Swim boxer shorts

Pareo/i – Pareo/Sarong

Muta – Wetsuit

Costume a fascia – Bandeau swimsuit

Tankini – Tankini

Cappello/i da mare – Swim hat

Cuffia da nuoto – Swim cap

Cappello di paglia – Straw hat

Accappatoio – Bathrobe

Italian swimwear pronunciation

Clothing Materials In Italian

Cotone – Cotton

Lana – Wool

Seta – Silk

Lino – Linen

Pizzo – Lace

Pelle – Leather

Cachemire – Cashmere

Denim – Denim

Poliestere – Polyester

Nailon – Nylon

Viscosa – Viscose

Raso – Satin

Velluto – Velvet

Tweed – Tweed

Tela – Canvas

Chiffon – Chiffon

Organza – Organza

Tulle – Tulle

Italian fabric names pronunciation

A maniche corte refers to clothes in Italian with short sleeves

Other Clothing Words & Expressions To Know

A manica corta – Short-sleeved

A manica lunga – Long-sleeved

Scollato – Low Neckline

Collo a v – V-neck

Collo a barca – Boat neck

Collo quadrato – Square neck

Collo alto – High neck

Corto – Short

Lungo – Long

Leggero – Lightweight

Pesante – Heavy

Stretto – Tight

Largo – Wide

Attillato – Fitted

Elegante – Elegant

Casual – Casual

Appendiabiti – Coat hanger

Armadio – Wardrobe

Guardaroba – Closet

Cassettiera – Chest of drawers

Lavatrice – Washing machine

Asciugatrice – Dryer

Mollette da stendere – Clothespins

Bucato – Laundry

Lavanderia – Laundromat/Laundry room

Ferro da stiro – Iron

Asso da stiro – Ironing board

Pulito – Clean

Sporco – Dirty

Acquisti – Purchases/Shopping

Useful Words To Talk About Clothes In Italian

Italian Clothing Verbs

Vestirsi – To get dressed

Spogliarsi – To undress

Vestire – To dress (someone else)

Spogliare – To undress (someone else)

Mettere – To put on

Togliere – To take off

Indossare – To wear

Mettere le scarpe – To put on shoes

Appendere – To hang

Lavare – To wash

Asciugare – To dry

Posare – To lay (clothing)

Sbarazzare – To clear (clothing)

Comprare – To buy

Abbinare – To match

Provare – To try

Fare compre – To go shopping

Fare compre means to go shopping in Italian

Useful Phrases To Speak About Clothes In Italian

When Shopping

Vorrei.. – I would like..

Mi aiuterebbe a trovare un.. – Could you help me find a..

Sto cercando un/una.. – I’m looking for a..

Avete.. – Do you have..?

Che prezzo fa questo? – How much does this cost?

Quanto costa..? – How much is..?

Questo è scontato? – Is this on sale?

Avete gli sconti al momento? – Do you have any discounts at the moment?

Cosa mi suggerisce? – What do you suggest?

Quale mi sta meglio? – Which one fits me better?

Che colori avete? – What colors do you have?

Che taglie avete? – What sizes do you have?

Avete la taglia..? – Do you have the size..?

Dov’è la cassa? – Where is the checkout?

Prendo questo? – Shall I take this?

Pago in contanti. – I’ll pay in cash.

Pago con bancomat. – I’ll pay with a debit card.

Ecco il resto. – Here’s the change.

Le serve una busta? – Do you need a bag?

When Planning/With Friends

Cosa ti metti domani? – What are you wearing tomorrow?

Cosa ti sei messa ieri? – What did you wear yesterday?

Hai comprato il vestito? – Did you buy the dress?

Com’è il vestito che hai comprato? – How is the dress you bought?

Cosa hai comprato di bello? – What did you buy nice?

Andiamo a fare shopping? – Shall we go shopping?

Domani facciamo shopping. – Tomorrow we’ll go shopping.

Dove vai a fare compere? – Where are you going shopping?

Che marchio è? – What brand is it?

Che marchio indossi? – What brand are you wearing?

Ti piace questo..? – Do you like this..?

Cosa ne pensi di questo..? – What do you think of this..?

Come mi sta questo..? – How does this look on me..?

Quale mi consigli di prendere? – Which one do you suggest I take?

Che dici, lo prendo? – What do you think, should I take it?

Mi presti quel..? – Can you lend me that..?

Italian Clothing Sizes Conversions

Women Size Chart

Women Clothing Chart Italian To US & UK

Men Size Chart

US/UK Chest30323436384042444648
US/UK Waist24262830323436384042
Men Clothing Chart Italian To US & UK

Italian Clothing Vocabulary Practice

Fill in the blanks with the correct Italian clothing word:

  1. Mia sorella indossa un bel __________ rosso per la festa. (My sister wears a beautiful [dress] red for the party.)
  2. Durante l’inverno, mi piace indossare un caldo __________ di lana. (During the winter, I like to wear a warm [sweater] of wool.)
  3. I miei pantaloni preferiti sono i __________ neri. (My favorite [pants] are the black ones.)
  4. Durante l’estate, mi piace indossare una __________ leggera. (During the summer, I like to wear a light [skirt].)
  5. Per l’ufficio, indosso sempre una __________ bianca. (For the office, I always wear a white [shirt].)
  6. Quando piove, indosso il mio __________ impermeabile. (When it rains, I wear my [jacket] waterproof.)
  7. Ho bisogno di un paio di __________ nuove per la stagione. (I need a pair of new [shoes] for the season.)
  8. Durante l’estate, proteggo la testa con un __________ di paglia. (During the summer, I protect my head with a [hat] of straw.)
  9. Quando fa freddo, non esco mai senza i miei __________. (When it’s cold, I never go out without my [gloves].)
  10. Durante l’inverno, mi avvolgo in una calda __________. (During the winter, I wrap myself in a warm [scarf].)

Once you’ve filled in the blanks, you can check your answers below:

  1. vestito (dress)
  2. maglione (sweater)
  3. pantaloni (pants)
  4. gonna (skirt)
  5. camicia (shirt)
  6. giacca (jacket)
  7. scarpe (shoes)
  8. cappello (hat)
  9. guanti (gloves)
  10. sciarpa (scarf)

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