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The Best Pizza in Florence: A Guide to the Top Pizzerias



Florence may not have the iconic pizza history of Naples, but you can still find incredible pies throughout the city. From classic Neapolitan pizzas baked in wood-fired ovens to creative Tuscan-inspired pies, Florence offers something for everyone. So don’t worry, I am here to help you find the best pizza in Florence for you.

This guide covers the top pizza restaurants in Florence, including traditional spots perfect for Neapolitan pies as well as gourmet pizzerias putting a unique spin on Italian pizza.

To make things even easier, I have listed the best pizzerias by neighborhood and those closest to the top Florence attractions.

We’ll also highlight the must-try specialty pie from Tuscany- the Piciaccia.

Best Pizza in Florence on the Map

Choose Your Favorite Pizzeria in Florence

PizzeriaNeighborhoodPizza StyleTry This
1Pizzeria Giovanni SantarpiaDistrict 3 – Gavinana-GalluzzoNeapolitanPizza Fritta with Lampredotto
2TiratissimaDistrict 1 – Centro StoricoGourmet, ShareableFig and Blue Cheese Pizza
3Berberè Santa CroceDistrict 1 – Centro StoricoTuscan TwistNorma (seasonal – Summer)
4Don FefèDistrict 2 – Campo di MarteNeapolitanLa Bufala e il Piennolo
5La Farina Pizza + GrillDistrict 2 – Campo di MarteNeapolitanLa Parmigiana
6AputecaDistrict 2 – Campo di MarteNeapolitanPizza Fritta Tradizionale
7Largo 9District 1 – Centro StoricoGourmet / AperitivoPizza al Vapore
8Four Seasons HotelDistrict 1 – Centro StoricoGourmetMarinara Gialla
9Mister PizzaDistrict 1 – Centro StoricoTuscan TwistPizza Margherita
10La Divina PizzaDistrict 1 – Centro StoricoTuscan TwistPizza Cioccolatino
11L’Antica Pizzeria da MicheleDistrict 1 – Centro StoricoNeapolitanMontanerine (starter)
12Il PizzaiuoloDistrict 1 – Centro StoricoNeapolitanCream of Potatoes, Sausage and Provola
13Starita PizzeriaDistrict 1 – Centro StoricoNeapolitanMontanara Starita
14La Luna PizzeriaDistrict 2 – Campo di MarteGluten-FreeVerace Napoli
15GustariumDistrict 1 – Centro StoricoAperitivo/SnackSelection changes (all bio and wholemeal)
16Il Vecchio e il MareDistrict 2 – Campo di MarteTuscan Twist3Ella and Fior di Zucca
17La PépinièreDistrict 1 – Centro StoricoGluten FreeSalentina
17 Pizzerias for the Best Pizza in Florence

If you need help choosing the toppings for your pizza, explore the most popular and loved Italian pizza types.

The First Tuscan Pizza – Meet the Piciaccia

While pizza doesn’t top the list of what Florence and Tuscany are famous for, that doesn’t mean you can’t eat great pizza in Florence. The focus has been more on perfecting dishes like bistecca alla Fiorentina rather than pizza. You certainly can’t compare Florence to Naples when it comes to pizza history and tradition.

However, there is one style of pizza that was recently created in Tuscany that you can find just an hour’s drive from Florence – the Piciaccia. The Piciaccia is a hybrid between a regular Italian pizza and the Tuscan schiacciata. It combines the words pizza and ciaccia (which is what locals call schiacciata in Tuscany).

The piciaccia is the first 100% Tuscan pizza, created by Gabriele Dani of Bottega Dani in Cecina. He wanted to develop an entirely new Tuscan pizza product, using local ingredients like Tuscan spelt flour and natural yeast. It has a crispy texture with regional toppings.

You can currently only enjoy the piciaccia at Bottega Dani in Cecina. If you’re visiting Tuscany, it’s worth a trip to try this unique Tuscan-style pizza.

15 Places to Eat the Best Pizza in Florence

My list includes the most popular pizzerias that caught my interest for the deliciously looking pizzas, as well as the positive reviews. For many of these, I’ll also share my favorite pizzas on the menu.

Neapolitan pizza in Florence

Classic Neapolitan Pizza Spots in Florence

While you’ll find all kinds of pizza in Florence, there are several spots serving up classic Neapolitan-style pies baked in wood-fired ovens.

Pizzeria Giovanni Santarpia – Via Senese, 155r, Firenze

This Neapolitan pizzeria combines the classic pizzas from its region along with unique ones to celebrate Florence and Tuscany. You can’t go wrong with a Marinara, but I also suggest you try the Pizza Fritta with Lampredotto. Santarpia was voted the 29th best pizzeria in Italy in 2023. It’s the only pizzeria on this list located just outside Florence Center, in the hamlet of Baronta. Although it’s not centrally located, it had to make the list because it’s the only pizzeria in Florence voted among the top 100 in Italy.

Don Fefè Florence – Lungarno Cristoforo Colombo, 8r, Firenze

This lively pizzeria is a great option if you think you’ve tried every pizza topping before. The creative chef dreams up new flavor combinations displayed daily on their chalkboard menu. No matter your preferences, you’re sure to enjoy the generous topping of sliced bufala mozzarella on any creation you choose.

La Farina Firenze Pizza + Grill – Via Giuseppe la Farina, 29, Firenze

This one was previously Don Fefè’s second spot. However, it changed ownership in September 2023. The menu has been kept almost the same.

Many fans say La Farina serves up the best Norma pizza in Florence. With its cozy, family-owned vibe and mouthwatering Neapolitan pies, it’s no wonder this was my personal favorite Florence pizza spot. Beyond pizza, patrons also rave about the burgers, pasta, and desserts. Below you can see the pizzas we chose during our visit.

Aputeca – Via Vincenzo Gioberti, 170, Firenze 

Aputeca is known for its Southern pizza style and flavours with a particular focus on Naples. If you are staying near Porta Alla Croce, just outside the hustle and bustle of Firenze’s busy areas, you’ll find this one super convenient. Although I haven’t tried it myself, I can tell you that it’s in an area that’s always full of Italians having an aperitivo or dinner, which means it must be good. Their simple red gnocchi looks like my grandma made them, and their green paccheri and Montanerine starters are typical Neapolitan. 

Tuscan-Style Pizzerias in Florence

In addition to Neapolitan pizza, Florence has several pizzerias putting a Tuscan twist on pies. From the very local ingredients to the quintessential Tuscan vibes, you’ll enjoy these if you are looking for a truly local experience.

Berberè Santa Croce – Via dei Benci, 7, Firenze

This pizzeria promises just one thing – pizza made with the highest quality ingredients for maximum deliciousness and easy digestion. Located just steps from Ponte Vecchio, it has a welcoming, family-friendly vibe. I tried the Norma pizza, though it wasn’t my personal favorite. My husband chose sausage and parmesan.

Il Vecchio e il Mare – Via Vincenzo Gioberti, 61N, Firenze

With scenic outdoor dining perfect for groups, Il Vecchio e il Mare is known for gorgeous Tuscan pizzas like the colorful fiori di zucca (zucchini flower pizza). Their hearty Italian starters, pasta, and desserts also earn rave reviews, especially their fritters. It’s on my must-try list for my next Florence visit.

pizza in Florence near Duomo

Mister Pizza Florence with the Duomo view – Piazza del Duomo, 5r, Firenze

Although I’m usually skeptical about dining in very touristy places like this one, I’ll gladly make an exception here. I mean, with that view, who wouldn’t? I suggest you go for lunch or an aperitivo and share a pizza. That way, you can try it, and if you like it, you can order more. 

P.S. As the famous Italian saying goes, pizza connoisseurs often choose a Margherita to judge a pizza maker. If you don’t want to follow the proverb, you’ll have plenty of other options to choose from.

La Divina Pizza Florence – Borgo Allegri, 50/red, Firenze

After many wine-tasting tours, why not have a pizza degustazione (meaning a pizza tasting)? That’s exactly what this pizzeria proposes. You can choose between 3, 5, or 7 types of pizzas to try. Don’t miss their Cioccolatino, which features soppressata and artichoke cream. A perfect way to taste Florence’s pizza creativity.

aperol spritz & pizza aperitivo in Florence

Gourmet & Aperitivo-Style Pizza

Florence offers gourmet pizza options ranging from upscale to casual spots perfect for aperitivo. From Tiratissima’s indulgent platters to Four Seasons’ romantic setting to Gustarium’s pizza by the slice, there’s something for every taste and budget.

Tiratissima – Viale Giovanni Amendola, 14 r, Firenze

The perfect place to sample an array of pizzas, thanks to their shareable platters showcasing many creations. I’m eager to try the fig and blue cheese pizza along with the pumpkin pie on my next visit. Don’t forget to save room for their signature chocolate dessert bonghissimo – an amaretto-cream-filled chocolate eclair.

Largo 9 – Largo9, Largo Pietro Annigoni, 9/C, Firenze

With its modern bar ambiance, cocktails and gourmet pizzas, Largo 9 promises a fun dining experience. I’d recommend trying one of their unique pizzas al vapore.

Four Seasons Hotel Firenze – Borgo Pinti, 99, Firenze

For a romantic pizza setting, nothing compares to the Four Seasons’ al fresco pizzeria in summer or the indoor Atrium Bar in winter. Though menu options are few, they source top-quality ingredients. Try the Marinara Gialla or Piccantuzza for inventive toppings.

Pizzeria Gustarium Firenze – Via dei Cimatori, 24r, Firenze

Whether you want a quick pizza slice for lunch or to pair with cocktails, Gustarium’s pizza al taglio makes it easy to sample different pizza creations any time of day.

best takeaway pizza in Florence

Best Takeaway Pizza Florence Spots

For grabbing a pizza to go, check out these popular pizza takeaway shops. If you don’t mind the very casual family-style decor, you can of course dine there.

/image of montanerine

Antica Pizzeria da Michele – Piazza del Mercato Centrale, 22R, Firenze

Known for enormous, overloaded pizzas by the slice or whole pies, da Michele offers classics like Montanerine. Their fried dough dessert strufoli, reminiscent of powdered sugar-topped donuts, makes the perfect sweet finish. Despite a no-frills interior and semi-outdoor seating, the tasty pizza draws crowds. Conveniently located by Mercato Centrale.

Il Pizzaiuolo Florence – Via dei Macci, 113r, Firenze

With its bustling family-style vibe and delicious-looking menu, Il Pizzaiuolo charmed me in. However, I found the takeaway pizza crusts overly chewy and lacking crispness compared to other spots. But many patrons love their pizza along with appetizers like arancini. Give it a try yourself, you may enjoy the crust and toppings more than I did.

Starita Pizzeria – Via S. Gallo, 2r, Firenze FI, Italy

Don’t let the basic exterior fool you. This beloved pizza takeaway shop prides itself on quality over style. Their fried starters and folded hybrid pizza oozing with cheese and tomatoes are known and loved in Florence and many other cities around Italy. Locals line up for a reason – the focus stays on cooking up incredible pizza.

Gluten-Free Pizza Places in Florence

Craving pizza but need to avoid gluten? Florence has delicious gluten-free pies awaiting. Check out the three spots below, and I also suggest having a look at the menus of all the other pizzerias in this article, especially if there’s one in your area.

La Luna Pizzeria Firenze – Via Vincenzo Gioberti, 93R, Firenze

They not only have a tasty gluten-free pizza with different toppings to choose from, but they also offer a gluten-free beer.

Il Vecchio e il Mare Gluten Free Pizza Florence – Via Vincenzo Gioberti, 61N, Firenze

This pizzeria prepares a special dough for its gluten-free version. Many rave about the 3Ella pizza with mozzarella from Campania, mortadella from nearby Prato, and stracciatella cheese.

La Pepiniere – Borgo S. Frediano, 169-red, Firenze

An organic restaurant that’s perfect for those looking for more than just gluten-free pizza. It offers everything from starters to desserts for Celiacs and Vegans.

Florence Pizza by Neighbourhood: Eat the Best Pizza Closest to You

With so many incredible pizzerias scattered across Florence, it can help to find spots located near your hotel or must-see sights. Below I’ve organized the best pizza joints by neighborhood, whether you’re exploring the historic Centro Storico, staying near the Campo di Marte station, or venturing further afield.

Best Pizza in Florence Centre

Pizzerias in Florence District One – Centro Storico

  1. Tiratissima in the Viale Giovanni Amendola Area
  2. Barbere Santa Croce in the Santa Croce Area
  3. Largo 9 near Viale Giovine Italia 
  4. La Divina Pizza Florence in the Santa Croce Area
  5. L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele near Mercato Centrale
  6. Il Pizzaiuolo in the Sant’Ambrogio Area
  7. Gustarium in the Signoria Area
  8. Pizzeria Starita near Galleria dell’Accademia in San Marco
  9. Mister Pizza in Piazza Duomo
  10. Four Seasons Hotel near Piazza D’Azeglio, on the edges of District 1
  11. La Pepiniere in the San Frediano Area

Best Pizzerias in Florence District 2

Pizza Places in District Two – Campo di Marte

  1. Don Fefè Florence in the Bellariva Area
  2. Aputeca just outside District 1 near Porta alla Croce
  3. La Farina Pizza + Grill is just outside District 1, near Campo di Marte Train Station.
  4. Il Vecchio e il Mare in Via Vincenzo Gioberti
  5. Pizzeria La Luna in Via Vincenzo Gioberti

Best Florence Pizza in District Three – Gavinana-Galluzzo

  1. Pizzeria Giovanni Santarpia in the hamlet of Baronta

Best Pizzeria Near These Top Florence Attractions

  1. Duomo – Mister Pizza (right in Piazza Duomo)
  2. Uffizzi Gallery – Gustarium (3 mins away)
  3. Palazzo Vecchio – Berberè Santa Croce (5 mins away)
  4. Ponte Vecchio – Berberè Santa Croce (8 mins walk)
  5. Accademia Gallery – Pizzeria Starita (4 mins walk)

The Search for Florence’s Best Pizza Ends Here

With its mix of traditional Neapolitan and unique Tuscan-style pies, it’s hard to beat the pizza scene in Florence. From the crunch of a wood-fired Neapolitan crust to creative toppings and delicious fried variations, Florence offers simple but delicious pizza loved by locals and visitors alike.

By exploring pizzerias across the city, from historic favorites to local gems around every corner, you’re sure to discover new contenders for your personal list of Florence’s best pizza joints. Whether you’re looking for a crispy classic margherita or something more adventurous, let your taste buds lead the way.

The Florentines have perfected the art of incredible pizza, learning from the best Neapolitan pizza makers and taking advantage of their local delicacies. Now it’s your turn to enjoy the results, from delightful dine-in restaurants to irresistible slices on the go. Use this guide as your roadmap to finding and savoring the best pizza that magnificent Florence has to offer.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Pizza in Florence

Does Florence have good pizza?

Yes, Florence offers delicious pizza options, including the traditional Neapolitan style, ensuring you’ll find pizza that suits your taste.

What is pizza like in Florence? 

Pizza in Florence often combines the Neapolitan style with a Florentine twist for a unique blend of crispy crust and quality ingredients. 

What style of pizza is in Florence?

Florence primarily features the traditional Neapolitan-style pizza, known for its crunchy crust and quality toppings.

What style of pizza is from Florence Italy?

While Florence is known for its Neapolitan-style pizza, it also has its own signature creation, the “Piciaccia,” offering a unique pizza experience.

How much does pizza cost in Florence?

The cost of pizza in Florence varies but is generally affordable, making it accessible to most budgets. It ranges from €8 to €12 on average in a regular pizzeria. You can expect to pay less for a pizza by the slice, which you take by the go. Of course, pizzas in a fancy restaurant might well exceed the €20.

Is Florence the birthplace of pizza?

No, Florence is not the birthplace of pizza; that distinction must go to Naples. However, Florence has embraced pizza in its own style.

What is Tuscany style pizza?

Tuscany style pizza features simple, high-quality ingredients and a crunchy crust for a delicious flavor blend unique to the region. 

What is the difference between Firenze and Fiorentina?

“Firenze” refers to Florence the city, while “Fiorentina” means something relating to or originating in Florence, like its steak.

Where can I find the best traditional Napoli style pizza in Florence?

For authentic Neapolitan pizza baked in wood-fired ovens, head to Pizzeria Giovanni Santarpia, L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele, or Il Pizzaiuolo. Don’t miss their classic margheritas!

What Florence pizzerias are best for dine-in experiences?

The cozy atmosphere and pies at La Farina Pizza + Grill make it a favorite for dine-in. Il Vecchio e il Mare and Four Seasons Hotel Florence also offer memorable settings sure to make your pizza experience memorable.

Which restaurants serve pizza with a creative Tuscan twist?

Try the signature Piciaccia at Bottega Dani or unique creations at pizzerias like Gustarium Firenze and La Divina Pizza Florence.

Where can I grab delicious pizza for takeaway in Florence?

Locals love Antica Pizzeria da Michele, Il Pizzaiuolo, and Starita Pizzeria for piping hot pizza takeaway around the city.

What are the best places for gluten-free pizza in Florence?

La Luna Pizzeria, Il Vecchio e il Mare, and La Pepiniere excel at gluten-free pizzas along with other dietary offerings.

What are the best pizza places in Florence?

Giovanni Santarpia is surely one, in fact it made it on the top 100 Pizzerias in Italy in 2023. My other favourite is La Farina Pizzeria + Grill. Il Pizzaiuolo is also very loved by locals and tourists alike.

Can I eat Fried Pizza in Florence?

Yes, you can eat fried pizza around Florence. Montanerine traditional Neapolitan pizza are available in many pizzerias like Aputeca and Berberè Santa Croce.

How do I find the best pizza in the city?

The best is to go through this article, read the descriptions of the favorite pizzerias in the list, and make a list of your top ones. Then put them into Google Maps and see which ones are easily accessible from your accommodation or from a point of attraction you’ll be visiting. The final step is trying multiple spots. If you love pizza that’s going to be easy and very fun.

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