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About Italy with an Italian

Italy with an Italian is here to inform you, inspire you, and help you learn all about Italy and anything Italian.

The aim is for this website to become the place you go for everything you want to know about your favorite country, or least most of it!

Ciao e benvenuto (welcome).

I’m Alessia, the person behind Italy with an Italian. As a proper Italian, I love my food, dolce vita, and freedom.

I am here to share my culture, my language, the most beautiful corners on the pretty peninsula, and much more.
Come along, and let’s enjoy Italy together.

Why read Italy with an Italian?

Reading this blog will be just like reading a blog in Italian, but written in English. What I mean is that you’ll get authentic Italian tips, to help you feel closer to the Italian culture & lifestyle.

I’ll also help you learn the language in an easy and fun way. There’ll be lots of good food, of course, and many beautiful things.

I hope you are here to stay.
Pronti, su, via!

About Alessia


Hi. I’m Alessia, an Italian born and raised in Sicily. I like to travel a fair bit but spend most of my time close to home. This way, I am never too far from a delicious cornetto or a romantic Italian vista.

One of the sweetest Sicilian memories I have is my nonno picking me up from school with a pizza, and singing.. “A pizz, a pizz, a pizz; e nu vulem a pizz, a pizz, a pizz.”


I have always liked learning and sharing, so much so my mum used to say I would become a journalist. But that’s not what happened.

My first job ended up being as a Project Coordinator for an Italian project funded by the European Union. I am forever proud and grateful for that one in a lifetime experience.

And now, I do the Marketing for a small Italian business. I am married to a wonderful man, I love travelling, and I enjoy cooking.

My favourite Italian pasta is cannelloni. As for dessert, I really love plumcake (not cake with plums) and biscotti di pasta frolla.

If you were to look for me you would find me either at my desk or enjoying coffee and cake in a cosy cafe.


My Favorites

Favorite Italian city: Turin

Dreaming of exploring: Valtellina 

Favorite season in Italy: Spring and Autumn

Favorite Italian sayings: Aiutati che il ciel t’aiuta (if you help yourself, God will help you too); Botte piccola fa buon vino (a small barrel makes good wine); Chi non semina non raccoglie (he who does not sow does not reap); Meglio tardi che mai (better late than never).

Most loved Italian words: crostata, viaggio, pianura, maglietta, cassetto, assaggiare, dai, delizioso, bontá, permalosa, lunatica


Alessia in the Dolomites - Italy with an Italian

It’s time for you to explore, learn & come to Italy, even if just virtually :).
Reach out to say hello or ask me a question here.